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28-02-17 (11:57)   11 million Asiacell subscribers in Iraq to get free access to Wikipedia (Digital Trends)
28-02-17 (09:39)   Iraqi security forces approaching main government complex in western Mosul - officer (Reuters)
28-02-17 (07:28)   Report: Erdogan, Iraqi Kurdish Leader Discuss Rival to Syrian Kurds in Islamic State War (Breitbart.com)
27-02-17 (23:40)   ISIS Butchered Christians In Iraq And Syria: Now Slaughtering Christians In Egypt (Daily Wire)
27-02-17 (20:48)   Iraq army seizes key Mosul bridge in ISIS battle (CNN.com)
27-02-17 (19:33)   Kurdish reporter Shifa Gardi killed in Iraq (CNN.com)
27-02-17 (15:54)   'The enemy is broken': Iraqi forces have lodged a crucial victory in ISIS' last stronghold (Business Insider)
27-02-17 (14:02)   Iraq's first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria (CNN.com)
27-02-17 (13:10)   Iraqi forces seize Mosul bridge as thousands of civilians flee (Reuters)
26-02-17 (18:49)   Iraqi forces aim to secure Mosul bridge, link up to east bank (Reuters)
26-02-17 (00:02)   US soldiers help Iraqi troops secure Mosul (CNN.com)
26-02-17 (00:02)   Iraqi forces advance near key area in city's west (CNN.com)
25-02-17 (16:36)   Mosul battle: Kurdish reporter Shifa Gardi killed in Iraq (BBC News)
25-02-17 (12:03)   Saudi foreign minister makes rare visit to Baghdad (Reuters)
25-02-17 (11:25)   Iraqi forces push deeper into western Mosul as civilians flee (Reuters)
25-02-17 (09:56)   Bombs target oil pipeline in Iraq's Kirkuk, one killed (Reuters)
25-02-17 (01:08)   Mosul is just the first item on Iraq's list of critical problems (Business Insider)
24-02-17 (22:59)   Iraqi Christians Raise Giant Cross on Land Liberated from Islamic State (Breitbart.com)
24-02-17 (22:59)   Andrew Walther: Obama Administration Allowed ISIS Dechristianization in Syria and Iraq (Breitbart.com)
24-02-17 (19:56)   Iraqi forces punch into western Mosul, launch air strikes in Syria (Reuters)
24-02-17 (19:03)   U.S. provided intelligence for Iraq strike in Syria: Pentagon (Reuters)
24-02-17 (16:39)   Watch a US-led airstrike destroy an ISIS headquarters building near the group's urban stronghold in Iraq (Business Insider)
24-02-17 (06:59)   Report: Corruption in Iraq Allowing Islamic State to 'Seep Back' into Liberated Areas (Breitbart.com)
24-02-17 (01:39)   Pentagon plan to defeat Islamic State to look beyond Iraq, Syria (Reuters)
23-02-17 (19:13)   Austria: Family of Iraqi Asylum Seekers 'gang raped drunk woman' (Infowars.com)
23-02-17 (18:03)   Iraqi forces storm Mosul airport, military base (Reuters)
23-02-17 (12:22)   Mosul offensive: Iraqi forces recapture airport in bid to retake city (BBC News)
23-02-17 (09:08)   Iraq forces attack ISIS-held Mosul airport (Business Insider)
23-02-17 (06:14)   Study: Islamic State May Soon Go Broke in Iraq and Syria (Breitbart.com)
23-02-17 (06:02)   Burned Iraqi toddler reunited with family (CNN.com)
23-02-17 (04:48)   US Defense Sec: We're not in Iraq to seize oil (CNN.com)
22-02-17 (22:28)   Iraqi Migrant Tells German Court He Was Ordered to Pose With Severed Heads (Breitbart.com)
22-02-17 (21:09)   Multiculturalism: Iraqi Refugee Charged With Raping 13-Year-Old European Girl (Daily Wire)
22-02-17 (17:03)   British suicide bomber in Iraq had won compensation for Guantanamo stay (Reuters)
22-02-17 (14:49)   Far from Brooklyn, Iraq's hipsters declare war on poor dress sense (Reuters)
21-02-17 (16:49)   Iraqi forces fighting Islamic State set to storm airport, clear way to western Mosul (Reuters)
21-02-17 (15:59)   U.S.-Backed Iraqi Alliance Kickstart 'Daunting' Offensive to Retake Western Mosul (Breitbart.com)
21-02-17 (05:45)   Islamic State Jihadist Says He Raped over 200 Iraqi Women: 'This Is Normal' (Breitbart.com)
21-02-17 (03:39)   Watch a US-led strike knock out an ISIS tank near the terrorist group's shrinking Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
21-02-17 (00:39)   Iraqi forces reach vicinity of Mosul airport (Reuters)
20-02-17 (20:45)   Iran Blames Iraq For Sandstorm That Crippled Power Grid (Breitbart.com)
20-02-17 (19:25)   Trump's defense chief: 'We're not in Iraq to seize anybody's oil' (Reuters)
20-02-17 (18:33)   Iraqi forces storm key village near airport (CNN.com)
20-02-17 (17:54)   Watch a US-led airstrike knock an ISIS vehicle off the road near the terrorist group's Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
20-02-17 (14:28)   Mattis in Iraq: We're Not Here For Your Oil (Breitbart.com)
20-02-17 (14:19)   Iraq starts operation to drive ISIS out of west Mosul (CNN.com)
20-02-17 (13:39)   Turkish army says killed 34 Kurdish militants in air strikes in northern Iraq (Reuters)
20-02-17 (12:27)   SecDef Mattis Arrives In Baghdad For Unannounced Visit (Infowars.com)
20-02-17 (11:08)   Trump's defence chief tells Iraq: We're not here for your oil (Business Insider)
20-02-17 (11:08)   Iraqi forces are advancing on Mosul Airport ? ISIS's last stronghold in the city (Business Insider)
20-02-17 (07:00)   Mosul offensive: Iraqi army resumes advance on IS bastion (BBC News)
19-02-17 (15:07)   Mosul assault: Iraq troops make headway against IS (BBC News)
19-02-17 (14:08)   Iraqi forces launch a fresh offensive in Mosul (Business Insider)
19-02-17 (13:03)   Iraq launches offensive on last Islamic State stronghold in Mosul (Reuters)
19-02-17 (05:03)   West Mosul residents told battle is imminent as Iraqi forces begin moving (Reuters)
18-02-17 (20:48)   Scores killed in Baghdad car bomb blast (CNN.com)
16-02-17 (18:39)   Baghdad car bomb kills 51 as Islamic State escalates insurgency (Reuters)
16-02-17 (16:29)   Baghdad car bomb kills at least 48 (BBC News)
16-02-17 (13:25)   After Mosul, jihadist threat to Iraq will grow: Kurdish intelligence official (Reuters)
15-02-17 (21:54)   'God willing we will eliminate them': ISIS still poses an insidious threat in liberated parts of Iraqi (Business Insider)
15-02-17 (16:49)   Suicide truck bomber kills at least 15 in Sadr City suburb of Baghdad: security sources (Reuters)
15-02-17 (15:54)   Iraqi civilians in west Mosul are eating once a day and bracing for worse (Business Insider)
14-02-17 (19:56)   'Choose life, not death' reform center tells Iraqi teenage militants (Reuters)
14-02-17 (18:02)   Iraqi police officer killed in clashes at demonstration (CNN.com)
13-02-17 (23:49)   Islamic State leadership targeted in air strike, Baghdadi fate unclear: Iraqi military (Reuters)
13-02-17 (21:03)   Exclusive: After Islamic State defeat, broken Iraqi farmers weigh heavy losses (Reuters)
12-02-17 (21:39)   Watch a US-led airstrike destroy one of ISIS's favorite weapons in western Iraq (Business Insider)
12-02-17 (19:33)   Coalition targets top ISIS figure in Iraq strike (CNN.com)
12-02-17 (13:03)   Inter-Shi'ite tension mounts in Baghdad after clashes (Reuters)
11-02-17 (23:22)   Baghdad's Green Zone hit by rockets after deadly clashes (BBC News)
11-02-17 (22:44)   Security Forces Fire Tear Gas at 1,000s of Protesters Near Baghdad 'Green Zone' ? Reports (Infowars.com)
11-02-17 (17:25)   Iraq president announced they won't take part in any regional conflicts after talking to Trump (Business Insider)
11-02-17 (17:10)   Iraqi policeman killed in clashes with pro-Sadr protesters (Reuters)
11-02-17 (14:53)   IHAT closure: Sgt Brian Wood says Iraq abuse inquiry should have ended sooner (BBC News)
11-02-17 (13:39)   The UK will close Iraq war abuse unit because of law firm's false claims (Business Insider)
11-02-17 (11:49)   Iraq says will stay clear of U.S.-Iran tensions (Reuters)
11-02-17 (09:56)   UK to close Iraq war abuse unit, citing false claims (Reuters)
11-02-17 (07:00)   Newspaper headlines: End of Iraq abuse unit welcomed (BBC News)
10-02-17 (19:49)   Suicide bombings kill 10, wound 33 in Mosul, Baghdad (Reuters)
10-02-17 (17:22)   Iraq war allegations probe to end (BBC News)
10-02-17 (05:28)   Iraqi Forces Leave Rotting Corpses in Mosul to Intimidate Islamic State (Breitbart.com)
09-02-17 (09:49)   Iraq puts out fires at Qayyara oil field in northern Iraq: ministry (Reuters)
09-02-17 (00:25)   Sean Spicer is right about not criticizing military operations, so Donald Trump should apologize for his comments on the Iraq War (Business Insider)
08-02-17 (20:06)   PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Barracks West of Mosul & Documents Dead (Heavy.com)
08-02-17 (19:25)   US Marine captain writes stinging op-ed: 'We lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan' (Business Insider)
07-02-17 (19:58)   Contractor Evacuated From Iraq After Speaking Out on Islam (Infowars.com)
06-02-17 (22:45)   Iraqi and Egyptian Nationals Caught After Sneaking Across Open Border (Breitbart.com)
06-02-17 (21:25)   U.S. embassy in Iraq reports threat against Baghdad hotels (Reuters)
06-02-17 (18:54)   'This will be your fate': Iraq is using ISIS corpses to wage a psychological war in Mosul (Business Insider)
06-02-17 (18:37)   PHOTOS: ISIS Drops Mortar Bombs From Drones for 'Airstrikes' on Iraqi Forces (Heavy.com)
06-02-17 (17:56)   Iraqi forces wage psychological war with jihadist corpses (Reuters)
06-02-17 (15:54)   Watch a US-led airstrike level an ISIS-held building near the terror group's last Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
05-02-17 (22:46)   Donald Trump Compares Iraq War Political Advocates To Vladimir Putin In Super Bowl Interview With Bill O'Reilly (Deadline.com)
05-02-17 (13:03)   At former jihadist training camp, Iraqi police face drones, crack snipers (Reuters)
05-02-17 (09:29)   Trump travel ban: Iraqi family boards flight to JFK (BBC News)
05-02-17 (07:00)   Newspaper headlines: MPs call to 'shut down Iraq abuse inquiry' (BBC News)
04-02-17 (17:39)   This amazing film shows what Iraq was like in the 1950s, before decades of conflict (Business Insider)
04-02-17 (16:09)   Video of Marine Working in Iraq Praising Trump's Immigration Order Goes Viral (Daily Wire)
03-02-17 (21:25)   Abadi fends off calls by Iran allies in Iraq to react to Trump travel ban (Reuters)
03-02-17 (20:45)   Iraqi Archbishop: Where Were the Protesters 'When ISIS Came to Kill Christians'? (Breitbart.com)
03-02-17 (17:49)   Freed from jihadists, Mosul residents focus fury on Iraqi politicians (Reuters)
03-02-17 (15:23)   PHOTOS: ISIS Uses Drone to Document Attack on Iraqi Army South of Mosul (Heavy.com)
02-02-17 (23:03)   European agency says Iraqi Airways not removed from blacklist (Reuters)
02-02-17 (18:25)   Eleven civilians killed in air strikes in Iraq, Syria: U.S. military (Reuters)
02-02-17 (18:03)   Iraq faces challenge of educating Mosul's displaced children (Reuters)
02-02-17 (17:23)   This Guy Said His Mother Died In Iraq Thanks To Trump. He Lied. (Daily Wire)
02-02-17 (13:36)   Iraq lawyer Phil Shiner struck off over misconduct (BBC News)
02-02-17 (12:56)   Mosul hotel catered to elites: from Saddam allies to suicide bombers (Reuters)
02-02-17 (02:54)   HOAX: Detroit Man Said Trump's Travel Ban Killed His Iraqi Mother. There's Just One Big Problem. (Daily Wire)
01-02-17 (22:54)   Michigan man made up story of mother dying in Iraq after Trump travel ban, imam says (Business Insider)
01-02-17 (19:23)   PHOTO: Lion & Bear Discovered by Iraqi Army While Fighting ISIS in East Mosul (Heavy.com)
01-02-17 (15:08)   Profits of doom: Iraqi mechanics are doing a brisk business amid the brutal campaign against ISIS (Business Insider)
01-02-17 (08:42)   Veteran speaks out against 'Muslim ban' with incredible Iraq story (Mashable)
01-02-17 (06:06)   ISIS Members Murdered by Secret Iraqi 'Civilian' Hit Squads (Heavy.com)
31-01-17 (20:32)   Iraq will not retaliate against Trump's visa ban: PM (Reuters)
31-01-17 (18:37)   PHOTOS: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Mosul January 31, 2017 (Heavy.com)
31-01-17 (12:54)   An Iraqi lawmaker could be barred from accepting a human rights award in Washington (Business Insider)
30-01-17 (23:39)   This Iraqi Facebook engineer was invited to the US under President Bush, and now he's feeling trapped (Business Insider)
30-01-17 (23:37)   PHOTOS: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Mosul January 29, 2017 (Heavy.com)
30-01-17 (20:28)   Meet the gay Iraqi soldiers who fell in love and ended up on Ellen (Mashable)
30-01-17 (20:02)   What is ExxonMobil doing in Iraq? (CNN.com)
30-01-17 (19:37)   PHOTOS: New ISIS Video Shows Trench Warfare & Iraqi Soldier Corpse Desecration (Heavy.com)
30-01-17 (17:25)   What Trump's travel ban means for Iraqi interpreters who served alongside US troops (Business Insider)
30-01-17 (16:54)   Trump's immigration ban could be putting Iraq's most persecuted minority in danger (Business Insider)
30-01-17 (16:18)   Iraq parliament approves new defense, interior ministers: state TV (Reuters)
30-01-17 (14:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Barracks Near Shirqat, South of Mosul (Heavy.com)
30-01-17 (03:36)   Beautifying Baghdad (BBC News)
29-01-17 (23:25)   Iraq to oppose U.S. travel curbs, keen to work together against Islamic State (Reuters)
29-01-17 (18:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks & Kills Shia Militiamen Near Samarra, Iraq (Heavy.com)
29-01-17 (17:39)   Iraq will lobby against US travel limits as both countries fight against ISIS (Business Insider)
29-01-17 (16:54)   Iraqi father on Trump banning his family: 'It is just like Saddam Hussein's decisions' (Business Insider)
29-01-17 (16:00)   'I sold my house' to emigrate to US, says Iraqi man with visa (BBC News)
29-01-17 (15:37)   PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Barracks Near Baiji, South of Mosul (Heavy.com)
29-01-17 (14:09)   Iraq: We Understand Travel Ban -- Iran: Ban Will Make More Terrorists (Daily Wire)
29-01-17 (10:23)   Did President Obama 'Ban' Iraqi Refugees? (Heavy.com)
28-01-17 (20:52)   WATCH: Iraqi Refugee Hameed Darweesh Says He Likes Trump, Praises America (Heavy.com)
27-01-17 (23:23)   Ellen Hosts Gay Iraqi Soldiers With A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Love Story (The Huffington Post)
27-01-17 (22:54)   Fear in interrogation room, death in the street: Iraqi forces start to root ISIS fighters out of recaptured territory (Business Insider)
27-01-17 (21:13)   Iraqi Filmmaker Withdraws American Visa Application to Protest Trump's Proposed Muslim Ban (Updated) (Vulture)
27-01-17 (20:48)   Iraqi PM: Eastern Mosul liberated from ISIS (CNN.com)
27-01-17 (18:56)   Fear in interrogation room, death in the street: Iraq roots out Islamic State (Reuters)
27-01-17 (17:06)   PHOTOS: ISIS Beheads 'Iraqi Intelligence Officer' Near Baghdad (Heavy.com)
27-01-17 (01:07)   Newspaper headlines: No more wars like Iraq, May tells US (BBC News)
26-01-17 (21:08)   'They watch us, we watch them': Iraqi troops are turning their fire on ISIS' last bastion in Mosul (Business Insider)
26-01-17 (19:18)   Trump Muslim Ban Puts Miami Film Fest, Iraqi Director in the Crosshairs (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
26-01-17 (15:37)   PHOTOS: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Mosul January 25, 2017 (Heavy.com)
26-01-17 (02:14)   Jack Huston on Why Soldiers Sign Up for the Iraq War in 'The Yellow Birds' (Video) (TheWrap.com)
25-01-17 (22:18)   Islamic State fighters redeploy in west Mosul after Iraqi forces take east (Reuters)
25-01-17 (21:39)   This story about an Iraqi refugee becoming a US Marine may be the Pentagon's 'Twitter rebellion' against Donald Trump (Business Insider)
25-01-17 (16:08)   'They want the Iraqis to pay for that?': Trump's comments about Iraq's oil are stirring backlash (Business Insider)
25-01-17 (15:37)   PHOTOS: ISIS Snipers Target Coalition Forces Near Kirkuk, Iraq (Heavy.com)
24-01-17 (23:06)   PHOTOS: ISIS Religious Police Mass Burn Cigarettes in Hawija, Iraq (Heavy.com)
24-01-17 (22:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Conducts Nighttime Attack on Iraqi Forces Southwest of Mosul (Heavy.com)
24-01-17 (18:23)   PHOTOS: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Mosul January 23, 2017 (Heavy.com)
24-01-17 (17:10)   Trump administration offers to increase assistance to Iraq: Abadi (Reuters)
24-01-17 (15:54)   Amid Iraq's success against ISIS in Mosul, the civilian body count is mounting (Business Insider)
24-01-17 (09:25)   Iraqi forces preparing offensive on western Mosul, commander says (Reuters)
23-01-17 (23:18)   Iraqi forces claim recapture of eastern Mosul after 100 days of fighting (Reuters)
23-01-17 (23:04)   'The Yellow Birds' Review: Alden Ehrenreich Devastates in Thoughtful Iraq War Drama [Sundance] (SlashFilm)
23-01-17 (20:06)   PHOTOS: ISIS Militants Train Near Iraq-Iran Border (Heavy.com)
23-01-17 (16:39)   Iraq prime minister orders investigation into alleged sectarian abuses committed during fight of Mosul (Business Insider)
23-01-17 (15:25)   Iraq PM orders investigation into abuses reported in Mosul battle (Reuters)
23-01-17 (15:23)   WATCH: ISIS Releases Trailer for Upcoming Film From Mosul, Iraq (Heavy.com)
23-01-17 (14:52)   PHOTOS: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Mosul January 22, 2017 (Heavy.com)
22-01-17 (23:28)   'The Yellow Birds' Review: Alden Ehrenreich Has a Secret in Iraq War Drama | Sundance 2017 (Collider)
22-01-17 (20:39)   Iraqi forces are gearing up for the final stage in the battle for ISIS' last stronghold in the country (Business Insider)
22-01-17 (17:06)   PHOTOS: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Mosul January 21, 2017 (Heavy.com)
22-01-17 (15:39)   Iraq announces sale of $1 billion in US-backed bonds (Business Insider)
22-01-17 (10:32)   Iraqi general's tour suggests tough fight ahead in west Mosul (Reuters)
21-01-17 (15:37)   PHOTOS: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Mosul January 20, 2017 (Heavy.com)
20-01-17 (18:10)   Losing in Iraq, Islamic State seeks to shore up Syria presence (Reuters)
20-01-17 (15:23)   PHOTOS: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Mosul January 19, 2017 (Heavy.com)
20-01-17 (14:52)   WATCH: ISIS Creates Silencer for Gun Before Assassination in Baghdad (Heavy.com)
19-01-17 (16:23)   PHOTOS: ISIS Militants Attack Iraqi Soldiers Near Tal Afar, Iraq (Heavy.com)
19-01-17 (16:03)   Most Islamic State commanders in Mosul already killed, Iraqi general says (Reuters)
19-01-17 (12:03)   Iraqi sheep, locals, environment suffer Islamic State oil fires (Reuters)
18-01-17 (17:23)   PHOTOS: New ISIS Video Shows Mass Execution of 'Traitors' in Kirkuk, Iraq (Heavy.com)
18-01-17 (16:49)   Iraq special forces chief says mission accomplished in east Mosul (Reuters)
18-01-17 (16:39)   Iraqi prime minister: Iraqis should be 'compensated' for the 'tragedies' they endured after the US-led invasion (Business Insider)
18-01-17 (16:39)   Iraq says it has split ISIS' last stronghold in the country in half (Business Insider)
18-01-17 (16:32)   As caliphate crumbles, Islamic State lashes out in Iraq (Reuters)
18-01-17 (14:10)   Iraqi hospital offers aerobics for female cancer patients (Reuters)
18-01-17 (13:29)   Mosul battle: Iraqi army prepares offensive on west of city (BBC News)
17-01-17 (19:54)   Watch Iraq's elite Counter Terrorism Service fight their way through the streets of ISIS' last Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
17-01-17 (18:10)   Iraqi forces push Islamic State further back in Mosul: military (Reuters)
17-01-17 (16:02)   Iraqi forces seize Mosul University (CNN.com)
16-01-17 (18:39)   Watch a US-led coalition airstrike level an ISIS weapons factory near the group's Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
16-01-17 (14:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Snipers Target Iraqi Army Soldiers in East Mosul (Heavy.com)
16-01-17 (14:18)   Iraqi forces battle Islamic State near Tigris river in Mosul (Reuters)
16-01-17 (14:03)   Iraqi artist recreates ancient works destroyed by Islamic State (Reuters)
15-01-17 (18:54)   'A new life; an uncertain life': Everyday life starts to reemerge as ISIS loses ground in Iraq (Business Insider)
15-01-17 (17:03)   Iraqi special forces sweep Mosul University for remaining militants: spokesman (Reuters)
15-01-17 (01:10)   Twenty years after Diana campaign, new landmine crisis plagues Iraq and Syria (Reuters)
14-01-17 (23:25)   Iraqi special forces are closing in on ISIS militants in a crucial part of Mosul (Business Insider)
14-01-17 (22:54)   'For the sake of Allah, get out': Foreign fighters add to the chaos in the battle for ISIS' Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
14-01-17 (22:18)   Iraqi forces advance at Mosul University, take areas along Tigris: officials (Reuters)
14-01-17 (17:39)   Iraqi minister trying to improve relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia: report (Reuters)
13-01-17 (18:06)   PHOTOS: ISIS Militants Battle Shia Militias in North Mosul, Iraq (Heavy.com)
12-01-17 (17:25)   More than 16,000 Iraqi civilians were killed by violence in 2016 (Business Insider)
12-01-17 (16:37)   PHOTOS: ISIS Militants Patrol Occupied Territory Near Hawija, Iraq (Heavy.com)
12-01-17 (13:10)   Iraqi forces make fresh gains in southeast Mosul: military statement (Reuters)
12-01-17 (01:54)   Iraq is the biggest threat to the OPEC deal (Business Insider)
11-01-17 (23:18)   Kate Mara's Iraq War Drama 'Megan Leavey' Nabbed by Bleecker Street for U.S. (Hollywood Reporter)
11-01-17 (22:46)   Kate Mara-Starring Iraq War Hero Biopic 'Megan Leavey' Gets Summer U.S. Release (Deadline.com)
11-01-17 (18:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Sniper Targets Iraqi Soldier in Eastern Mosul (Heavy.com)
11-01-17 (17:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Battles Shia Militias in East Mosul, Iraq (Heavy.com)
11-01-17 (16:08)   Watch a US-led airstrike on an ISIS unit near the Iraqi capital (Business Insider)
10-01-17 (20:48)   ISIS claims suicide bombing in Baghdad (CNN.com)
10-01-17 (20:06)   PHOTOS: ISIS Militants Target Iraqi Forces in South Mosul, Iraq (Heavy.com)
10-01-17 (18:25)   ISIS is targeting civilians as its last Iraqi stronghold slips out of its grasp (Business Insider)
10-01-17 (16:39)   Iraq says Turkey relations cannot improve without troop withdrawal: TV (Reuters)
10-01-17 (16:32)   Iraqi forces advance in Mosul but civilian toll mounts (Reuters)
10-01-17 (13:03)   Iraq forces advance in Mosul but civilian toll mounts (Reuters)
09-01-17 (22:10)   Iraq special forces advance in east Mosul, close to linking with army (Reuters)
09-01-17 (20:49)   Iraq widens poultry import ban to Serbia, Finland and Britain (Reuters)
09-01-17 (20:08)   Watch a US-led airstrike knock out an ISIS vessel near the group's last Iraq stronghold (Business Insider)
09-01-17 (18:23)   PHOTOS: ISIS Sniper Allegedly Hits Iraqi Soldier in Eastern Mosul (Heavy.com)
09-01-17 (18:08)   Crude oil is sliding after Iraq said its exports reached a record high (WTI, OIL, VDE, BNO) (Business Insider)
09-01-17 (15:25)   Iraqi forces are 'a few days' from splitting ISIS' last stronghold, but drones, mortars, and car bombs are in the way (Business Insider)
09-01-17 (15:25)   Senior officer: Iraqi forces will recapture east Mosul from ISIS within 'a few days' (Business Insider)
09-01-17 (11:10)   Turkish military ops in Iraq no longer needed once threat removed: deputy PM (Reuters)
09-01-17 (06:10)   Iraqi forces reach Tigris in Mosul as suicide bombs hit Baghdad (Reuters)
08-01-17 (16:25)   2 suicide bomb attacks kill at least 20 in Baghdad markets (Business Insider)
08-01-17 (15:32)   Suicide bomb attack kills seven in Baghdad market: police, medical sources (Reuters)
08-01-17 (14:18)   Suicide attacks kill 20 people in eastern Baghdad (Reuters)
08-01-17 (09:36)   IS conflict: Iraq car bomb kills 11 in Baghdad (BBC News)
07-01-17 (20:56)   Iraq says deal reached over Bashiqa, Turkey says issue will be solved (Reuters)
07-01-17 (19:08)   Iraqi forces are closing in on the Islamic State's stronghold in Mosul (Business Insider)
07-01-17 (19:03)   Iraqi forces close in on Tigris in Islamic State stronghold Mosul (Reuters)
07-01-17 (16:23)   WATCH: New ISIS Video 'One Body' Shows Ongoing Battles in South Iraq (Heavy.com)
06-01-17 (15:54)   'The enemy did not expect us': Iraqi forces launch new phase of campaign against ISIS under cover of night (Business Insider)
06-01-17 (15:23)   PHOTOS: ISIS VBIED Suicide Bomber Attacks Iraqi Army South of Baghdad (Heavy.com)
06-01-17 (09:32)   Islamic State militants kill four soldiers near Iraq's Tikrit: army, police sources (Reuters)
06-01-17 (02:29)   Audience Network's Syria War Doc Producer Details Time in Iraqi Prison (TheWrap.com)
06-01-17 (00:56)   Two Islamic State car bombs in Baghdad kill at least 14: sources (Reuters)
05-01-17 (19:19)   Kidnapped female Iraqi journalist freed (CNN.com)
05-01-17 (16:32)   Iraqi general says 70 percent of east Mosul retaken from Islamic State (Reuters)
05-01-17 (14:25)   ISIS may be about lose a big chunk of its last Iraqi stronghold, and the terror group is striking back (Business Insider)
05-01-17 (13:48)   Donald Trump-themed restaurant opens in Iraqi Kurdistan (CNN.com)
05-01-17 (11:18)   U.S., European weapons used to commit war crimes in Iraq: Amnesty (Reuters)
05-01-17 (10:39)   Iraq forces launch offensive to retake western area from ISIS (Business Insider)
04-01-17 (19:49)   Closure of Iraq charity puts rescued Yazidi sex slaves at risk, director warns (Reuters)
04-01-17 (18:39)   Iraqi forces gaining momentum in Mosul: U.S. coalition chief (Reuters)
04-01-17 (14:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks & Burns Corpses of Iraqi Forces After Attack North of Baiji, Iraq (Heavy.com)
04-01-17 (12:53)   Saddam Hussein 'the most secretive person I ever met' (BBC News)
04-01-17 (12:49)   Iraqi forces press gains against Islamic State in eastern Mosul (Reuters)
04-01-17 (12:32)   Kidnapped Iraqi woman journalist released unharmed after a week (Reuters)
04-01-17 (03:07)   Interrogating Saddam (BBC News)
04-01-17 (02:03)   KBR defeats appeal in U.S. over Nepal, Iraq trafficking claims (Reuters)
03-01-17 (23:37)   WATCH: New ISIS Video 'The Procession of Light' Shows 2 Iraqi 'Spies' Executed, 1 by Drowning in Fish Tank (Heavy.com)
03-01-17 (21:52)   PHOTOS: New ISIS Video 'The Procession of Light' Shows 2 Iraqi 'Spies' Executed, 1 by Drowning in Fish Tank (Heavy.com)
03-01-17 (19:25)   Watch a US-led coalition airstrike wipe out a weapons cache amid the fight for ISIS' last Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
03-01-17 (17:37)   WATCH: New ISIS 'Movie Trailer' Shows Suicide Attacks & Iraqi Soldier Corpse Desecration in Mosul (Heavy.com)
03-01-17 (11:25)   Islamic State kills 24 with Baghdad car bomb, attack police stations in Samarra (Reuters)
03-01-17 (04:43)   British soldier dies in Iraq, says Ministry of Defence (BBC News)
02-01-17 (21:06)   REPORT: ISIS 'Retakes' Portion of Samarra, Iraq (Heavy.com)
02-01-17 (17:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Near Mosul & Burns Their Barracks Down (Heavy.com)
02-01-17 (16:56)   U.S.-led strikes in Iraq, Syria have killed at least 188 civilians: U.S. military (Reuters)
02-01-17 (14:19)   A love for Trump in Iraqi Kurdistan (CNN.com)
02-01-17 (13:14)   IS conflict: Baghdad suicide car bomb blast kills 35 (BBC News)
02-01-17 (12:56)   In Iraq, Hollande vows to tackle foreign fighters and their children (Reuters)
02-01-17 (11:08)   François Hollande in Iraq: Reconstructing the country is 'additional step to avoiding Daesh strikes on our own territory' (Business Insider)
01-01-17 (14:03)   Islamic State attacks Iraqi police near Najaf, kills seven (Reuters)
31-12-16 (20:32)   France's Hollande says to visit Iraq Monday (Reuters)
31-12-16 (18:02)   Police: Suicide bombers kill at least 28 in Baghdad (CNN.com)
31-12-16 (18:02)   Iraqi PM: Advancements in Mosul (CNN.com)
31-12-16 (17:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Shows Off Seized Iraqi Army Vehicles After Battle in South Mosul (Heavy.com)
31-12-16 (16:39)   Baghdad blasts kill 29 as Mosul fighting intensifies (Reuters)
31-12-16 (10:36)   Iraq Baghdad: 28 dead as twin bombs rip through market (BBC News)
31-12-16 (10:03)   Caution marks Iraqi army advance against Islamic State north of Mosul (Reuters)
31-12-16 (09:54)   Two bombs in central Baghdad kill at least 28 people (Business Insider)
31-12-16 (09:39)   Yazidi woman escapes Islamic State in Mosul as Iraqi forces advance (Reuters)
31-12-16 (09:10)   Iraqi forces face fierce Islamic State combat in south Mosul (Reuters)
30-12-16 (22:08)   'I feel like a third-class citizen': The Iraqi government's progress against ISIS is stirring bad memories for some residents (Business Insider)
30-12-16 (18:06)   WATCH: New ISIS Video Shows Militant Raids on Iraqi Soldiers & Corpse Desecration (Heavy.com)
30-12-16 (16:25)   Iraqi forces are facing car bombs and fierce resistance from ISIS in south Mosul (Business Insider)
30-12-16 (14:33)   Iraqis recall day Saddam was hanged (CNN.com)
30-12-16 (09:48)   Saddam Hussein's daughter speaks to CNN (CNN.com)
29-12-16 (21:00)   Mosul battle: Iraqi forces advance in fresh push (BBC News)
29-12-16 (18:52)   WATCH: ISIS Leaves Exploding Quran Behind for Iraqi Forces in Mosul (Heavy.com)
29-12-16 (16:39)   Iraq forces have started the 'second phase' of the fight for ISIS' stronghold in Iraq (Business Insider)
29-12-16 (11:08)   MOSUL: Iraqi forces launch fresh advance against ISIS (Business Insider)
29-12-16 (10:10)   Iraqi forces launch second phase of Mosul offensive against Islamic State (Reuters)
29-12-16 (01:25)   Watch a US-led coalition airstrike destroy part of ISIS' oil network near the Iraq-Syria border (Business Insider)
29-12-16 (00:23)   WATCH: ISIS Sniper 'Kills' Iraqi Soldier South of Al-Shirqat, Iraq (Heavy.com)
28-12-16 (23:52)   WATCH: ISIS Militant North of Mosul Attacks Iraqi Army Barracks With Long Gun (Heavy.com)
28-12-16 (21:19)   Iraqi journalist kidnapped by gunmen (CNN.com)
28-12-16 (17:18)   After 40 days on foot, Turkmens flee fighting in Iraq to reach Turkey (Reuters)
27-12-16 (18:08)   US Air Force pilots donned Santa hats during Christmas Day airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq (Business Insider)
27-12-16 (17:18)   Iraqi PM says three months needed to rout Islamic State (Reuters)
27-12-16 (14:56)   Gunmen kidnap Iraqi journalist in Baghdad, PM orders investigation (Reuters)
27-12-16 (14:36)   Iraq gunmen kidnap campaigning female journalist (BBC News)
27-12-16 (01:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Barracks South of Mosul (Heavy.com)
26-12-16 (05:37)   PHOTOS: ISIS Sniper Hits Iraqi Soldier in Head in Tamim, Eastern Mosul (Heavy.com)
25-12-16 (19:39)   Deja vu for U.S. troops celebrating Christmas in Iraq again (Reuters)
25-12-16 (18:49)   Fearful Christmas in Baghdad after attacks on Christians (Reuters)
23-12-16 (17:48)   Saddam's daughter: I will never watch his death (CNN.com)
22-12-16 (20:23)   PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Forces South of Tal Afar, West of Mosul (Heavy.com)
22-12-16 (17:08)   Watch a US-led coalition strike destroy an ISIS vessel near the terror group's Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
22-12-16 (13:33)   Moscow may seek to tackle overseas jihadists in Syria and Iraq (CNN.com)
21-12-16 (18:37)   PHOTOS: ISIS Targets Iraqi Army With Rocket Projectiles South of Mosul (Heavy.com)
21-12-16 (16:25)   'Either die of hunger or get married': The trauma of ISIS rule follows Iraqi women out of Mosul (Business Insider)
21-12-16 (15:39)   Trauma of Islamic State rule follows Iraqi women out of Mosul (Reuters)
21-12-16 (13:39)   Iraqi forces in Mosul mostly in refit mode: U.S. general (Reuters)
20-12-16 (23:08)   World Bank to loan Iraq almost $1.5 billion to cope with ISIS, low oil prices (Business Insider)
20-12-16 (18:39)   CIA officer who interviewed Saddam Hussein reveals the bizarre way the dictator spent his last days in power (Business Insider)
20-12-16 (17:23)   PHOTOS: ISIS Sniper Shoots at Iraqi Soldier in Tamim, Mosul (Heavy.com)
20-12-16 (15:54)   Iraqi investigators are unraveling the grim story of a mass grave near Mosul (Business Insider)
19-12-16 (02:23)   PHOTOS: ISIS Shows 'Course of Battles' in East Mosul & Documents Dead Iraqi Soldiers KIA (Heavy.com)
18-12-16 (14:19)   The voices of Iraq's minorities (CNN.com)
17-12-16 (14:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Documents Dead Iraqi Soldiers After Battle in Tal Afar, West of Mosul (Heavy.com)
17-12-16 (04:06)   WATCH: ISIS Releases 'Enduring Glory' in English & Shows Battles in Iraq & Executions (Heavy.com)
16-12-16 (16:00)   German-Iraqi boy, 12, 'tried to bomb Christmas market' (BBC News)
16-12-16 (03:54)   Iraq is already cheating on OPEC's output deal (Business Insider)
15-12-16 (23:37)   PHOTOS: ISIS Executes Teenage Peshmerga 'Apostate' in Kirkuk, Iraq (Heavy.com)
15-12-16 (22:49)   U.S. says Singapore man pleads guilty to plot to export Iraq bomb parts (Reuters)
15-12-16 (21:39)   Turkey's Erdogan says discussed Syria, Iraq with Obama (Reuters)
15-12-16 (16:08)   'They are not human, they are against all humanity': Iraqi man tortured by ISIS shares his family's story (Business Insider)
15-12-16 (14:10)   Freed from Mosul, Iraqi brothers carry scars of Islamic State rule (Reuters)
15-12-16 (10:10)   Turkish army says killed 29 PKK militants in air strikes in northern Iraq (Reuters)
14-12-16 (23:59)   Creative wife includes deployed Air Force husband in adorable family Christmas card (Mashable)
14-12-16 (12:49)   Finland wants EU deals with Iraq and others on migrants (Reuters)
14-12-16 (12:25)   Trump Fish: Iraqi restaurant spells out Kurdish faith in president-elect (Reuters)
13-12-16 (23:10)   Explosion heard in central Baghdad (Reuters)
13-12-16 (02:37)   PHOTOS: ISIS Documents Dead Iraqi Soldiers After Al Salam Hospital Battle in Mosul (Heavy.com)
12-12-16 (15:54)   Several thousand Iraqi federal police are ready to join the anti-ISIS fight in Mosul (Business Insider)
11-12-16 (18:10)   Car bombs in Iraq's Falluja kill eight people: police and medics (Reuters)
11-12-16 (18:02)   US Defense Sec visits Iraq (CNN.com)
11-12-16 (12:56)   Iraqi Christians confront painful memories in town's clean-up (Reuters)
11-12-16 (12:18)   U.S. Defense Secretary Carter in Iraq for talks on Mosul (Reuters)
10-12-16 (15:49)   Iraq says army makes gains in grueling Mosul battle (Reuters)
10-12-16 (07:49)   Turkish air strikes kill 19 Kurdish militants in north Iraq - military sources (Reuters)
10-12-16 (00:49)   Iraq says it destroys Mosul car bomb factories (Reuters)
09-12-16 (22:59)   How Gilmore Girls Helped A Group Of Marines Fighting In Iraq (Cinemabled)
09-12-16 (22:43)   TheBlaze Reporter Fires Gun Shots at ISIS While on Assignment in Iraq (TheWrap.com)
09-12-16 (18:25)   Iraqi judo coach saved his black belt when Islamic State stormed Mosul club (Reuters)
09-12-16 (17:57)   Watch Four Iraq Vets Reunite for Gilmore Girls and Get Ready to Cry (TVGuide.com)
09-12-16 (15:56)   Spanish parliament to consider sending more military to Iraq (Reuters)
08-12-16 (18:56)   Iraqi troops pull out from Mosul hospital after fierce battle (Reuters)
08-12-16 (18:39)   Iraqi official: An anti-ISIS airstrike near the Syrian border killed and wounded 'dozens' of civilians (Business Insider)
08-12-16 (18:39)   'He knows I am a wolf': An Iraqi militiawoman is fighting to take her village back from ISIS (Business Insider)
08-12-16 (16:14)   Iraq War: Lawyer admits misconduct over Army abuse claims (BBC News)
08-12-16 (14:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Shares Images of Dead Children Killed by Iraqi Airstrike on Al-Qa'im, Iraq (Heavy.com)
08-12-16 (13:49)   Tigris lioness: Iraqi militiawoman fights for revenge against Islamic State (Reuters)
07-12-16 (20:56)   Dozens killed in west Iraq air strike, MPs and medics say (Reuters)
07-12-16 (15:10)   EU urged to share data better to detect militants returning from Syria, Iraq (Reuters)
07-12-16 (15:08)   How Iran helped create a 'kill box' around ISIS' last stronghold in Iraq (Business Insider)
07-12-16 (14:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Shows 'Clashes' With Iraqi Army in East Mosul (Heavy.com)
07-12-16 (13:49)   How Iran closed the Mosul 'horseshoe' and changed Iraq war (Reuters)
06-12-16 (17:33)   Iraq war vet walks 5,800 miles for hope, healing (CNN.com)

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