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21-05-24 (12:30)   To foster regional security, forge a long-term counterterrorism partnership with Iraq (Defense One)
21-05-24 (06:04)   Iraqi militia fire UAVs at Eilat, Israel intercepts suspicious aerial target above Syria (The Jerusalem Post)
19-05-24 (21:45)   Talks Stall in Restarting Oil From Kurdistan, Iraqi Leader Says (Bloomberg)
17-05-24 (20:47)   Iraq's Kurdish Regional Security Council announces arrest of top aide of former Islamic State leader (The Jerusalem Post)
17-05-24 (16:00)   Iraq Stops Diesel Import Deals as Refinery Upgrades Boost Output (Bloomberg)
14-05-24 (23:45)   WATCH: Aaron Rodgers Tells Tucker Carlson That U.S. Gov't 'Confiscated' Pat Tillman's Journal After Death in Iraq (Breitbart.com)
14-05-24 (06:33)   Iranian-backed group in Iraq takes responsibility for UAVs launched at Eilat - report (The Jerusalem Post)
14-05-24 (04:24)   Notorious people smuggler wanted in Europe arrested in northern Iraq (FOX News)
13-05-24 (22:33)   Five Iraqi soldiers killed in ISIS attack on army post in eastern Iraq, two security sources say (The Jerusalem Post)
12-05-24 (19:47)   Powerful Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Sadr girds for political comeback (The Jerusalem Post)
12-05-24 (15:00)   Iraq Says Extending Output Cuts Is Decision for OPEC (Bloomberg)
12-05-24 (15:00)   Iraq Says It Won't Agree to More OPEC+ Oil Output Cuts (Bloomberg)
12-05-24 (12:46)   Chinese Companies Win More Bids to Explore for Iraq Oil and Gas (Newsmax)
11-05-24 (02:24)   2 ISIS militants suspected in 2014 massacre of Iraqi soldiers turned over to Baghdad (FOX News)
10-05-24 (23:07)   Iraq asks UN to abandon political mission in Baghdad (FOX News)
06-05-24 (21:53)   Turkey carries out new airstrikes in northern Iraq, killing 16 Kurdish militants (FOX News)
06-05-24 (16:47)   Turkey strikes northern Iraq from air, says it kills PKK members (The Jerusalem Post)
03-05-24 (00:04)   Iran-backed militias in Iraq claim to target Israel with cruise missiles (The Jerusalem Post)
02-05-24 (21:39)   Iraq qualifies for Paris Olympics men's soccer tournament with win over Indonesia at U23 Asian Cup (AP News)
02-05-24 (16:55)   Playtime Boards Danish Revenge Thriller 'Crossing Lines' by Baghdad-Born Jahfar Muataz (Variety)
29-04-24 (21:59)   Iraq repatriates nearly 700 more citizens linked to the Islamic State group from a Syrian camp (Washington Times)
29-04-24 (18:45)   Iraq War Veteran Opens Fire On Suspected Car Burglar During Late Night Robbery (DC Enquirer)
28-04-24 (19:45)   Passage of harsh anti-LGBTQ+ law in Iraq draws diplomatic backlash (Washington Times)
28-04-24 (13:22)   Passage of harsh anti-LGBTQ+ law in Iraq draws diplomatic backlash (AP News)
28-04-24 (01:00)   Iraqi TikTokker shot dead outside home after Baghdad launched campaign against 'offensive' social media content (New York Post)
27-04-24 (21:18)   Iraq criminalizes same-sex relationships with maximum 15 years in prison (The Jerusalem Post)
27-04-24 (10:04)   Four killed in attack on northern Iraq’s Khor Mor gas field, advisor to Iraqi Kurdish PM says (The Jerusalem Post)
26-04-24 (16:00)   Adnoc Buys Iraqi Oil in Plan to Export Its Own More Pricey Crude (Bloomberg)
24-04-24 (02:07)   Decoding the Baghdad Battery: Ancient Artifact or Medical Marvel? (Ancient-origins.net)
24-04-24 (00:03)   US troops thwart drone attack in Iraq, the first in months (The Hill)
22-04-24 (22:59)   Jury deliberating in Iraq Abu Ghraib prison abuse civil case; contractor casts blame on Army (Washington Times)
22-04-24 (22:59)   Kurdish separatists and water issues loom large in long-awaited visit of Turkey's Erdogan to Iraq (Washington Times)
22-04-24 (20:53)   Turkish President makes first official visit to Iraq in over a decade (FOX News)
22-04-24 (20:14)   Turkey's Erdogan Visits Iraq, Country He Regularly Bombs, Seeking Support for Hamas (Breitbart.com)
22-04-24 (20:00)   Iraq Says Resuming Kurdish Oil Exports Will 'Take Some Time' (Bloomberg)
22-04-24 (19:53)   Jury deliberating in Iraq Abu Ghraib prison abuse civil case; contractor casts blame on Army (AP News)
22-04-24 (18:08)   Kurdish separatists and water issues loom large in long-awaited visit of Turkey's Erdogan to Iraq (AP News)
22-04-24 (16:28)   Iranian Proxy in Iraq Allegedly Announces, then Denies, Campaign Against U.S. Troops (Breitbart.com)
22-04-24 (16:17)   Drone Attack Targeted US Forces in Iraq: US Official (Newsmax)
22-04-24 (05:31)   US-Led Military Base in Syria Hit by Rockets Fired From Iraq (Bloomberg)
22-04-24 (03:33)   Report: Rocket Attack Fired From Iraq Aimed at US Military Base in Syria Ends Up a Total Dud (RedState)
21-04-24 (23:04)   Five rockets fired from Iraq towards US military base in Syria, security sources say (The Jerusalem Post)
21-04-24 (11:33)   Archaeological gem Dura-Europos found to be mirror image of Iraq's Anqa (The Jerusalem Post)
21-04-24 (11:18)   Mysterious explosion highlights threats of Iraqi Shi'ite militias (The Jerusalem Post)
21-04-24 (00:34)   CENTCOM denies US behind Iraq air strike (The Hill)
20-04-24 (06:14)   Explosion rocks military base in Iraq housing Iranian-aligned forces (New York Post)
20-04-24 (04:04)   Airstrike hits military base south of Baghdad used by terror organization, sources say (The Jerusalem Post)
20-04-24 (03:48)   UPDATE: US, Israeli Officials Say They Did Not Launch Airstrike on Iraqi Militia Base (RedState)
20-04-24 (03:02)   UPDATED: Reports of Israel Carrying Out New Bombing in Iraq (Video) (RedState)
20-04-24 (02:45)   Centcom Says Reports of US Airstrikes in Iraq Aren't True (Bloomberg)
19-04-24 (01:24)   Iraq's prime minister heads to Michigan to meet Arab Americans at a tense time for the Middle East (FOX News)
17-04-24 (10:33)   Iraq PM denies involvement in Iran's barrage on Israel in CNN interview (The Jerusalem Post)
17-04-24 (01:36)   Bad News: Record Oil Imports into China in 2023 (CleanTechnica)
17-04-24 (01:00)   Iraq's Flare Gas Capture Plan Fuels Crypto Mining Speculation (Cryptotimes.io)
17-04-24 (00:17)   Iraq Plans to Capture Flare Gas, Sparking Crypto Mining Rumors (Cryptotimes.io)
16-04-24 (18:28)   White House: We're Not Ending Sanctions Waiver for Iranian Energy Purchases by Iraq (Breitbart.com)
16-04-24 (15:59)   Biden hosts Iraqi leader after Iran's attack on Israel throws Mideast into greater uncertainty (Washington Times)
16-04-24 (15:24)   US approves potential $140M aircraft support deal for Iraq, Pentagon officials confirm (FOX News)
16-04-24 (13:53)   Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison detainee shares emotional testimony in trial against Virginia military contractor (FOX News)
15-04-24 (23:07)   Republicans express deep concern over Iraqi PM visit to White House, connections to terrorist orgs (FOX News)
15-04-24 (22:48)   In Meeting With Iraqi Leader, Biden Badly Slurs Even With Cheat Sheet, Checks Watch, Staff Tosses Press (RedState)
15-04-24 (22:29)   Biden cheat sheet for Iraq PM meeting caught on camera — including instructions to 'pause' (New York Post)
15-04-24 (20:19)   Biden Meets With Iraqi PM After Iran's Attack On Israel, Middle East Tensions Rising (OANN)
15-04-24 (15:59)   Biden to host Iraqi leader as Mideast tensions soar; more questions rise about U.S. troop presence (Washington Times)
15-04-24 (15:45)   Canada's Trans Mountain Project Seen Spelling Trouble for OPEC Member Iraq (Bloomberg)
15-04-24 (14:24)   Biden to host Iraq's leader after Iran's attack on Israel spurs chaos across the Middle East (FOX News)
15-04-24 (12:03)   Biden to meet with Iraqi PM amid tension over troops, renewed ISIS threats (The Hill)
13-04-24 (19:07)   WaPo 'smear' of highly-decorated Iraq war veteran, Senate candidate omits critical info (FOX News)
11-04-24 (14:53)   How an Iraq War veteran coped with PTSD by using taste mindfulness and bourbon (FOX News)
10-04-24 (13:32)   Biden's Meeting With Iraqi Prime Minister a 'Direct Slap in the Face' to Israel (Newsmax)
10-04-24 (00:59)   Iraqi Jihadists Claim Flurry of Ineffective Attacks on Israel (Breitbart.com)
05-04-24 (17:25)   Prince Finds Hope in Love and Music on Iraq War Era Rarity 'United States of Division' (RollingStone.com)
05-04-24 (16:13)   Listen to Prince blast the US-Iraq war on re-released deep-cut 'United States Of Division' (NME.COM)
03-04-24 (16:31)   Iraq Fails to Meet OPEC+ Oil Target Even After Lowering Output (Bloomberg)
03-04-24 (07:16)   Americans star on an Iraqi basketball team. Its owners include forces that attacked U.S. troops (Washington Times)
02-04-24 (19:34)   GOP lawmakers slam Biden for hosting Iraqi prime minister amid Mideast conflict (The Hill)
02-04-24 (15:00)   Saddam Hussein's granddaughter surfaces at glitzy Cartier bash after years in exile (New York Post)
02-04-24 (02:07)   Sami Michael, Iraqi-born and award-winning Israeli author and activist, dies at 97 (FOX News)
30-03-24 (19:14)   Long mistreated by Iraq, the Kurds need America's attention now (New York Post)
29-03-24 (14:03)   GOP Lawmakers Blast Biden's Meeting With Iraqi PM (Newsmax)
27-03-24 (16:53)   Iraqi man responsible for Quran burnings in Sweden seeks asylum in Norway after facing deportation (FOX News)
25-03-24 (22:07)   Iraqi cop sentenced to death for killing security analyst is acquitted (FOX News)
25-03-24 (09:45)   Iraq and Oil Firms Blame Each Other for Key Oil Pipeline Delays (Bloomberg)
24-03-24 (23:33)   Biden to Host Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Sudani for Talks on Islamic State Coalition (RedState)
24-03-24 (18:32)   Islamic State Still a Threat in Iraq, US Ambassador Says (Newsmax)
22-03-24 (23:24)   Biden to host Iraqi leader with talks underway on winding down coalition against the Islamic State (FOX News)
22-03-24 (08:45)   Iraq Is Yet to Amend Budget to Get Kurdish Oil Flowing Again (Bloomberg)
19-03-24 (23:07)   Turkish warplanes strike Kurdish militant positions in Iraq after attack kills soldier, wounds 4 (FOX News)
19-03-24 (16:07)   Iraq's former defense minister arrested in Swedish airport for alleged benefits fraud (FOX News)
19-03-24 (16:00)   Oil Rises on Russian Refinery Outages, Iraq Export Reduction (Bloomberg)
19-03-24 (09:24)   Iraqi immigrant plotted to smuggle assassins through Mexico to kill former US president: docs (FOX News)
18-03-24 (15:00)   Iraq to Cut Oil Exports to Compensate for Output Breach (Bloomberg)
17-03-24 (20:24)   'Immortals' Review: Thoughtful Doc Treats Young Iraqi Revolutionaries Not as Subjects So Much as Artistic Collaborators (Variety)
15-03-24 (06:45)   Turkey, Iraq Reach PKK Security Deal and Seek Closer Trade Ties (Bloomberg)
14-03-24 (19:45)   Turkey's top diplomat visits Iraq and seeks support against Kurdish militant group (Washington Times)
14-03-24 (01:45)   Turkey's Erdogan Gears Up for Another Incursion into Syria and Iraq (Breitbart.com)
12-03-24 (14:00)   OPEC's Oil Supply Cuts Stall as Iraq Keeps Pumping Above Its Quota (Bloomberg)
06-03-24 (16:55)   Kyle Hausmann-Stokes Was a Bronze Star Paratrooper in Iraq. Now He Has One of the Hottest Films at SXSW (Variety)
05-03-24 (17:55)   'Immortals,' About Iraqi Anti-Government Protestors, Boarded by Cat&Docs: 'Young People Were Crying for Visibility' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
05-03-24 (02:30)   Iraqi-style salmon with tomatoes and onions: Quick and easy using the broiler instead of the grill (Washington Times)
02-03-24 (16:14)   Saddam Hussein's final secrets revealed: Tapes from CIA vault show Iraqi strongman wanted to be a novelist (New York Post)
02-03-24 (15:45)   Iraq to Amend Budget in Bid to Restart Crude Exports Via Turkey (Bloomberg)
27-02-24 (13:07)   Iran orders proxy groups to lay off attacks on US military in Iraq, Syria (FOX News)
20-02-24 (21:18)   Hacked Iraqi Voter Information Found for Sale Online (Dark Reading)
20-02-24 (16:00)   Stench Leads to Ship With 19,000 Cattle on Brazil-Iraq Trip (Bloomberg)
20-02-24 (05:45)   Report: Iran 'Learned Lesson' from Trump's Soleimani Strike, Asked Iraqi Proxies to Limit Attacks on U.S. (Breitbart.com)
19-02-24 (04:14)   Iraq to Seek Bids for $3 Billion Phosphate Plant, Minister Says (Bloomberg)
18-02-24 (13:17)   Iraqi Armed Groups Dial Down US Attacks on Request of Iran Commander (Newsmax)
15-02-24 (19:04)   Barry Keoghan to Star in Film From 'Chernobyl' Director Johan Renck About Saddam Hussein's Final Days (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
14-02-24 (19:41)   Will Smith to Play Iraq War Vet in Action Thriller 'Sugar Bandits' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
14-02-24 (18:45)   OPEC+ Oil-Cut Laggards Iraq and Kazakhstan Pledge Compliance With Targets (Bloomberg)
14-02-24 (01:30)   Iraqi immigrant who plotted George W. Bush assassination gets more than 14 years in prison (Washington Times)
13-02-24 (02:19)   'Impeach!': Alejandro Mayorkas Has an Astonishing Baghdad Bob Moment When Questioned About Hur Report (RedState)
11-02-24 (21:45)   Amazing Donation: Arkansas Disabled Iraq Veteran to Get Brand-New Custom Home (Breitbart.com)
10-02-24 (18:45)   Feds seek 15-year sentence for Iraqi immigrant who sought to assassinate George W. Bush (Washington Times)
10-02-24 (04:32)   Iran-Backed Iraqi Group to Resume Strikes on US Troops (Newsmax)
09-02-24 (08:28)   Iraq Condemns Biden Drone Strike Killing Terror Leader, Demands Swift Exit of U.S. Troops (Breitbart.com)
08-02-24 (23:46)   US Strike Increases Calls in Iraq to Expel Coalition Forces (Newsmax)
08-02-24 (19:14)   'Death to America' Mob Takes Streets of Baghdad After U.S. Drone Strike on Terror Leader (Breitbart.com)
08-02-24 (18:43)   Iraqi military slams US as 'factor for instability' after Baghdad drone strike kills Iranian-backed militia leader (New York Post)
08-02-24 (16:03)   Iraq threatens to expel US troops after strike in Baghdad (The Hill)
08-02-24 (13:45)   US Kills Iran-Backed Militia Leader in Baghdad Drone Strike (Bloomberg)
08-02-24 (13:17)   Iraq Says US Strikes Pushing Govt to End US-Led Coalition's Mission (Newsmax)
08-02-24 (01:49)   Defense & National Security — US targets senior Iranian-backed militia official in Iraq (The Hill)
08-02-24 (01:03)   US Forces: Strike in Iraq Kills Hezbollah Commander (Newsmax)
07-02-24 (23:45)   U.S. drone strike in Baghdad kills high-ranking Kataib Hezbollah militia commander, officials say (Washington Times)
07-02-24 (22:34)   US targets senior Iranian-backed militia official in Iraq (The Hill)
07-02-24 (22:29)   US drone strike in Baghdad kills Iranian-backed militia commander: officials (New York Post)
07-02-24 (22:07)   Drone strike in Baghdad kills high-ranking commander involved in attack that killed 3 US soldiers (FOX News)
07-02-24 (01:48)   Kirby Apologizes For Falsely Claiming U.S. Forewarned Iraq About Airstrikes Against Iran-Backed Groups (OANN)
07-02-24 (01:07)   UN envoy warns more attacks on Iraq threaten its hard-won stability (FOX News)
06-02-24 (23:03)   White House spokesperson apologizes for claiming US warned Iraq before strikes (The Hill)
06-02-24 (22:24)   Kirby apologizes for Biden admin's claim about warning Iraqi government ahead of strikes (FOX News)
06-02-24 (20:16)   U.S. not planning endless campaign in Iraq, Syria, Yemen (Washington Times)
06-02-24 (19:29)   Biden spokesman apologizes for falsely claiming US gave Iraq heads up about airstrikes (New York Post)
06-02-24 (01:45)   Biden's strikes in Iraq strain ties with government in Baghdad (Washington Times)
06-02-24 (00:20)   US didn't inform Iraq about strikes beforehand, contradicting earlier White House statement (The Hill)
05-02-24 (23:07)   Pentagon says Iranian-proxy fighters 'likely' killed during US attacks in Syria and Iraq (FOX News)
05-02-24 (20:19)   U.S. Launches Strikes On 36 Houthi Targets, Following Iraq, Syria Bombardments (OANN)
05-02-24 (20:17)   State Dept.: US Didn't Forewarn Iraq About Strikes (Newsmax)
05-02-24 (16:05)   U.S. Launches Strikes On Syria, Iraq Weapons Facilities (OANN)
05-02-24 (01:34)   White House says Iraq should do more to combat militia groups that attack US (The Hill)
04-02-24 (22:24)   Biden defends order to attack Iraq, Syria, using War Powers Resolution and authorizations from 2001 and 2002 (FOX News)
04-02-24 (17:59)   What to know about the U.S. strikes in Iraq and Syria and its attacks with the U.K. in Yemen (Washington Times)
03-02-24 (18:59)   An Iranian-backed militia official downplays the U.S. strikes in Iraq, hints at deescalation (Washington Times)
03-02-24 (17:43)   US strikes in response to drone attack kill at least 39 in Iraq and Syria as Iran fumes (New York Post)
03-02-24 (17:03)   Former NATO ambassador on airstrikes in Iraq, Syria: US sent specific message by not targeting Iran (The Hill)
03-02-24 (16:45)   'Waited Way Too Long': Republicans, Former Trump Officials Rip Biden After Strikes In Iraq And Syria (DC Enquirer)
03-02-24 (16:45)   Cotton: 'Serious Reservations' About Iraq, Syria Strikes Being a Strategic Success (Breitbart.com)
03-02-24 (15:49)   Former Defense secretary: 'What matters now' are results of US airstrikes in Iraq, Syria (The Hill)
03-02-24 (14:45)   Iraq Says 16 Killed in US Strikes, Calls Security Risk Grave (Bloomberg)
03-02-24 (14:20)   Iraqi government accuses US of lying about circumstances of Jordan airstrikes, violating international law (The Hill)
03-02-24 (13:03)   Iran Condemns US Air Strikes as Violations of Iraqi, Syrian Sovereignty (Newsmax)
03-02-24 (13:03)   Iraq Summons US Ambassador for Answers After Airstrikes (Newsmax)
03-02-24 (13:03)   US Retaliatory Strikes in Iraq, Syria Reportedly Kill Nearly 40 (Newsmax)
03-02-24 (10:45)   US Hits Iran's Militias in Syria, Iraq, Raising Escalation Fears (Bloomberg)
03-02-24 (03:20)   Johnson criticizes 'excessive signaling' as US begins strikes in Iraq, Syria (The Hill)
03-02-24 (03:03)   Reactions to US Strikes in Syria, Iraq (Newsmax)
03-02-24 (01:30)   Iraqi military protests U.S. retaliatory strikes targeting militias (Washington Times)
03-02-24 (00:59)   Biden Administration Says It Doesn't Want War with Iran After Striking Iran-Linked Targets in Iraq and Syria (Breitbart.com)
03-02-24 (00:48)   U.S. Strikes 85+ Targets In Iraq And Syria In Response To Deadly Attack On Military Base In Jordan (OANN)
03-02-24 (00:33)   First Video From US Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria Released As CENTCOM Confirms Attacks (RedState)
02-02-24 (23:14)   US Strikes More Than 85 Targets in Iraq and Syria, Centcom Says (Bloomberg)
01-02-24 (23:32)   CBS News: Biden Approves Strikes on Iran Targets in Syria, Iraq (Newsmax)
01-02-24 (23:29)   Biden taps official who left US allies stranded in Afghanistan for Iraq envoy gig: 'Blood on their hands' (New York Post)
01-02-24 (22:28)   Nolte: Joe Biden Lies to Another Grieving Gold Star Mom About Losing His Son in Iraq (Breitbart.com)
01-02-24 (22:14)   Biden again wrongly suggests son Beau died from Iraq War during call with family of solider killed in Jordan drone strike (New York Post)
01-02-24 (08:31)   US Strikes Houthis and Blames Iraq Group for Jordan Drone Attack (Bloomberg)
31-01-24 (20:49)   White House blames Islamic Resistance in Iraq for drone attack that killed 3 US troops (The Hill)
31-01-24 (20:14)   Umbrella group Islamic Resistance in Iraq responsible for strike that killed 3 troops in Jordan: US (New York Post)
31-01-24 (16:45)   Kata'ib Hezbollah Terrorists Say They Will Stop 'Embarrassing' Iraq with U.S. Troop Attacks (Breitbart.com)
31-01-24 (16:03)   Iran-linked militia blamed for deadly attack on US base suspending operations in Iraq (The Hill)
31-01-24 (13:07)   Iraqi terror group charged with fatal attack on US troops claims it will stop military activity (FOX News)
29-01-24 (00:24)   Who is the Iran-backed coalition Islamic Resistance in Iraq, responsible for deadly drone strike on US troops? (FOX News)
28-01-24 (22:59)   Flashback: Biden in 2020 Criticized Trump for Soldiers Being Injured in Iraq by Iran (Breitbart.com)
28-01-24 (21:53)   US in talks with Iraq to end troop mission against ISIS (FOX News)
27-01-24 (20:32)   D.C., Baghdad Open Talks on Foreign Troops in Iraq (Newsmax)
27-01-24 (18:00)   Iraq, US Open Talks to Review Anti-ISIS Coalition's Future (Bloomberg)
26-01-24 (20:14)   Report: Southern Iraq Lost 80% of Its Christians (Breitbart.com)
26-01-24 (02:30)   After attacks, U.S., Iraq discuss future of American deployment (Washington Times)
26-01-24 (00:20)   US begins talks with Iraq on future of ISIS war (The Hill)
25-01-24 (21:45)   Resurging Iran Proxy in Iraq, Neutralized by Trump, Promises 'Painful' Terror Attacks Against U.S. (Breitbart.com)
25-01-24 (19:20)   US and Iraq to begin talks on future of American troops in country (The Hill)
25-01-24 (03:31)   US Strikes Iran-Backed Militia in Iraq After Attack on Base (Bloomberg)
25-01-24 (01:53)   US and Iraq to discuss future military presence in coming weeks: Pentagon official (FOX News)
24-01-24 (19:14)   Biden Orders More Airstrikes Against Iran-Backed Terrorists in Iraq (Breitbart.com)
24-01-24 (18:03)   Iraq says US 'blatantly' violated its sovereignty with strikes on Iran-linked targets (The Hill)
24-01-24 (15:03)   US Hits Iraq Militia Sites, Iraqi PM Denounces 'Irresponsible Escalation' (Newsmax)
24-01-24 (02:59)   U.S. military strikes Iran-backed Iraqi militias after attack that wounded American troops (Washington Times)
24-01-24 (01:05)   U.S. Executes Retaliatory Airstrikes Against Iran-Supported Militias In Iraq (OANN)
24-01-24 (00:43)   US unleashes retaliatory airstrikes on Iran-backed militias in Iraq after rebel assault that injured multiple American troops (New York Post)
23-01-24 (23:38)   US conducts strikes on Iraq facilities used by Iran-backed militia group, Defense Secretary Austin says (FOX News)
23-01-24 (23:34)   US strikes Iranian-backed militia sites in Iraq (The Hill)
23-01-24 (23:32)   US Strikes Targets in Iraq After American Forces Wounded (Newsmax)
23-01-24 (18:03)   Former soldier arrested on Jan. 6 charges was convicted in fatal shooting of Iraqi (The Hill)
23-01-24 (03:48)   Disgusting: Kirby Downplays Injuries to American Military in Iraq, As Attacks Continue (RedState)
17-01-24 (22:48)   Iran Launches Attacks On Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Drawing Larger Conflict (OANN)
17-01-24 (12:03)   Middle East flare-ups test US relations with Iraq  (The Hill)
17-01-24 (06:31)   Iraq Prime Minister Hits Out at Iran Over Deadly Missile Attacks (Bloomberg)
16-01-24 (21:07)   Erdo?an vows to expand military operation against Kurdish groups in Syria, Iraq (FOX News)
16-01-24 (19:14)   Iran's Terrorist IRGC Vows More Bombings After Killing Kurdish Baby in Iraq (Breitbart.com)
16-01-24 (16:03)   US condemns Iran missile strikes in northern Iraq, Syria (The Hill)
16-01-24 (14:48)   (Updated) Iran Launches Attack Near U.S. Consulate in Iraq, Takes Credit in Massive Escalation (RedState)
16-01-24 (13:38)   Three armed drones intercepted and shot down near US base in northern Iraq (FOX News)
16-01-24 (11:00)   Iran says Revolutionary Guards attack Israel's 'spy HQ' in Iraq, vow more revenge (New York Post)
16-01-24 (02:00)   Iran claims responsibility for strikes near US consulate in northern Iraq (New York Post)
16-01-24 (00:49)   Iran claims responsibility for strikes in Iraq (The Hill)
16-01-24 (00:17)   Missile Strikes in Iraq Did Not Affect US Facilities (Newsmax)
15-01-24 (03:14)   Iraq Sees Bumper Wheat Harvest, No Need for Imports This Year (Bloomberg)
15-01-24 (03:14)   Turkey Cracks Down After Nine Troops Killed in Iraq Attack (Bloomberg)
14-01-24 (23:17)   Islamic State Attack Kills 3 Iraqi Soldiers (Newsmax)
13-01-24 (17:45)   Turkey Launches Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria After Deadly Attack on Military Base (Breitbart.com)
11-01-24 (13:34)   After 20 years, it's time for America to leave Iraq  (The Hill)
10-01-24 (13:03)   Iraq Seeks Quick Exit of US Forces but No Deadline Set (Newsmax)
09-01-24 (13:32)   US Air Strike Foils Rocket Attack on Iraqi Air Base (Newsmax)
08-01-24 (21:03)   Pentagon: US Not Planning Withdrawal From Iraq (Newsmax)
06-01-24 (03:17)   PM: Iraq Prepares to Close Down US-Led Coalition's Mission (Newsmax)
06-01-24 (01:03)   Iraq wants US military out (The Hill)
05-01-24 (19:34)   Iraq moving to remove US-led military coalition, prime minister says (The Hill)
05-01-24 (17:17)   Iraq Finds Cruise Missile Aimed at US Forces (Newsmax)
05-01-24 (13:17)   Iraq Moves to Stop US-led Coalition's Mission (Newsmax)
05-01-24 (00:20)   Iraqi officials accuse US of escalating tensions after Baghdad strike (The Hill)
04-01-24 (17:49)   Iraq blames US for strike that killed militia leader in Baghdad  (The Hill)
04-01-24 (17:16)   US Airstrike Kills Militia Leader Blamed For Attacks On US Troops In Iraq (DC Enquirer)
04-01-24 (14:46)   US Carries Out Strike in Baghdad Against Militia Leader (Newsmax)
04-01-24 (13:17)   4 Iran-Backed Militia Fighters Killed in Baghdad Drone Strike (Newsmax)
03-01-24 (05:45)   Jihadists in Iraq Claim Drone Attack on Israel (Breitbart.com)
02-01-24 (13:32)   Armed Drone Downed Over Air Base Housing US Forces in Northern Iraq (Newsmax)
30-12-23 (01:14)   Iraq Works to Expel U.S. Forces After Iran-Backed Shiite Militia Attacks (Breitbart.com)
29-12-23 (11:17)   Alastair Campbell Considered Legal Action Against BBC Over Iraq War Coverage, Archives Show (Deadline.com)
27-12-23 (23:59)   Joe Biden Silent on U.S. Troops Injured in Iraq But Wishes Americans 'Happy Kwanzaa' (Breitbart.com)
27-12-23 (03:28)   Defense Secretary Says Strikes in Response to Attacks Against U.S. Troops in Iraq Were 'Proportionate' (Breitbart.com)
26-12-23 (22:03)   Baghdad Condemns US Strike on Iraqi Military Positions (Newsmax)
26-12-23 (21:59)   Biden orders strikes on an Iranian-aligned group after 3 U.S. troops wounded in drone attack in Iraq (Washington Times)
26-12-23 (19:00)   Iraq calls US retaliation airstrikes on Hezbollah for drone attack a 'hostile' act (New York Post)
26-12-23 (16:14)   Iran-Backed Group Critically Injures U.S. Service Member in Iraq on Christmas Day (Breitbart.com)
26-12-23 (14:45)   U.S. Airstrikes Hit Sites Used by Iran-backed Forces in Iraq (Breitbart.com)
26-12-23 (12:46)   US Strikes Iran-Backed Forces in Iraq (Newsmax)
26-12-23 (12:45)   U.S. airstrikes hit Iran-backed militias in Iraq after drone attack injures 3 American troops (Washington Times)
26-12-23 (12:43)   US retaliates in Iraq after 3 US troops wounded — 1 critically — in drone attack by Iran-aligned terrorists (New York Post)
26-12-23 (12:34)   Biden orders strikes on Iranian group in Iraq after 3 US service members wounded (The Hill)
25-12-23 (18:46)   Turkey Steps up Airstrikes Against Kurdish Groups in Syria and Iraq After 12 Soldiers Were Killed (Newsmax)
21-12-23 (12:41)   Iraqi and Palestinian Projects Take Top Prizes in CineGouna Springboard Awards (Variety)
18-12-23 (14:45)   A boycott call and security concerns mar Iraq's first provincial elections in a decade (Washington Times)
16-12-23 (17:59)   Voter apathy and concerns about violence mark Iraqi's first provincial elections in a decade (Washington Times)
14-12-23 (03:45)   'Free Palestine' Activist Accused of New York Synagogue Shooting Immigrated to U.S. from Iraq (Breitbart.com)
08-12-23 (22:29)   Iran-backed militias strike US Embassy in Baghdad, Middle East military bases: 'Cannot be justified' (New York Post)
08-12-23 (22:16)   US Embassy In Baghdad Shelled As Attacks On US Troops Trend Back Up (DC Enquirer)
08-12-23 (17:19)   US Embassy in Iraq Attacked - Believed to Be by Iranian Aligned Militants (RedState)
08-12-23 (14:30)   Rocket attack on U.S. embassy in Baghdad (Washington Times)
07-12-23 (10:55)   'Hanging Gardens' Director Ahmed Yassin Al Daradji Teases New Project, in Which a Theater Director Offends Saddam Hussein (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
04-12-23 (13:46)   Self-Defense US Airstrike in Iraq Kills 5 Militia Members (Newsmax)
01-12-23 (05:04)   'Hiding Saddam Hussein' Director Halkawt Mustafa on Keeping His Project Secret for 14 Years (Hollywood Reporter)
29-11-23 (18:04)   'Hiding Saddam Hussein,' Doc About Iraqi Leader and the Farmer Picked to Help Him, to Be Adapted by 'The King's Speech' Writer (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
24-11-23 (04:59)   Reports: U.S. Bases, Troops Attacked in Iraq and Syria on Thanksgiving Day (Breitbart.com)
22-11-23 (22:14)   Iraq Condemns U.S. Strikes on Iran-Backed Militias but Does Nothing to Stop Attacks (Breitbart.com)
22-11-23 (14:59)   Air Force gunship kills militants who attacked base used by U.S. personnel in Iraq (Washington Times)
22-11-23 (13:30)   U.S. fighter aircraft strike Iraqi Hezbollah targets after attacks on bases (Washington Times)
21-11-23 (23:00)   Iran-backed terrorists killed in Iraq strike after attack on US forces: Pentagon (New York Post)
17-11-23 (17:03)   US Issues Sanctions Targeting Iran-backed Groups in Iraq (Newsmax)
15-11-23 (14:28)   Pentagon Confirms Almost 60 Troops Injured by Iran-Proxy Forces in Iraq and Syria (Breitbart.com)
15-11-23 (07:14)   Biden admin renews sanctions waiver giving Iran access to $10 billion from Iraq (New York Post)
14-11-23 (14:29)   Hostage video shows Israeli Princeton student for first time in 8 months since she was kidnapped in Iraq (New York Post)
09-11-23 (05:45)   GOP Candidates Blast Joe Biden for Letting Iranian Proxies Attack U.S. Troops in Iraq and Syria (Breitbart.com)
07-11-23 (20:59)   Iran-Backed Militia Launches Suicide Drones at U.S. Base in Iraqi Kurdistan (Breitbart.com)
06-11-23 (04:45)   Blinken Adds Stops in West Bank, Iraq in Diplomatic Push on Gaza (Bloomberg)
06-11-23 (04:45)   Blinken Makes Unannounced Stop in Baghdad After West Bank Visit (Bloomberg)
04-11-23 (00:40)   New ABC News Studios Special Chronicles Journalist Bob Woodruff's Return to Iraq To Visit the Site of the Roadside Bombing That Almost Took His Life in 2006 (The Futon Critic)
03-11-23 (14:10)   ABC News' Bob Woodruff Returns to Iraq in New Special 'After the Blast: The Will to Survive' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
01-11-23 (01:34)   U.S. Army Bases In Iraq And Syria Have Been Attacked 23 Times In 2 Weeks (OANN)
30-10-23 (18:32)   Rockets Fired at Iraq's Ain Al-Asad Air Base Housing US Forces (Newsmax)
30-10-23 (17:29)   Israel-Hamas war live updates: US forces attacked in Iraq, Syria 23 times in past 2 weeks: Pentagon (New York Post)
28-10-23 (20:45)   Biden sends War Powers notification to Congress following strikes in Iraq and Syria (Washington Times)
27-10-23 (22:59)   Iran-Controlled Militias Expand Attacks on U.S. Troops to Iraqi Kurdistan (Breitbart.com)
27-10-23 (18:32)   US Brings Down Drone Near Iraq Base Hosting Forces (Newsmax)
27-10-23 (00:17)   Pentagon: Drone Attack on US Troops in Iraq Unsuccessful (Newsmax)
26-10-23 (20:19)   24 American Soldiers Injured In Iraq, Syria U.S. Base Drone Attacks (OANN)
26-10-23 (16:28)   Pentagon: 21 U.S. Troops Injured by Drone Attacks in Iraq and Syria in Just Two Days (Breitbart.com)
25-10-23 (19:59)   Pentagon: Over 20 U.S. Personnel Injured in Iran-Backed Militia Attacks in Iraq and Syria (Breitbart.com)
25-10-23 (13:03)   Israel: Iran Ordered Recent Attacks by Allies in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon (Newsmax)
25-10-23 (06:14)   24 American soldiers injured in drone attacks on US bases in Iraq, Syria: reports (New York Post)
24-10-23 (20:28)   White House: Iran Aiding Attacks on U.S. Bases in Iraq and Syria (Breitbart.com)
24-10-23 (19:17)   Sources: Rockets Attack Iraqi Base Housing US Forces (Newsmax)
24-10-23 (17:32)   Blinken Presses Iraqi Leader on Attacks on US Personnel (Newsmax)
24-10-23 (16:12)   Why Assassin's Creed Mirage's Baghdad setting means so much to me as an Iraqi gamer (GamesRadar)
20-10-23 (19:14)   Iran-Backed Militias Launch Rocket and Drone Attacks on U.S. Forces in Iraq (Breitbart.com)
20-10-23 (06:14)   Rockets, drones hit Iraqi bases housing US forces — security sources (New York Post)
20-10-23 (04:33)   BREAKING: U.S. Forces Attacked in Iraq as Biden Was Preparing to Speak From the Oval Office (RedState)
20-10-23 (04:23)   Assassin's Creed Mirage: All Tales Of Baghdad Locations (DualShockers)
19-10-23 (17:30)   Troops hurt after three drones attack U.S. bases in Iraq as tensions flare after Gaza hospital blast (Washington Times)
19-10-23 (02:03)   Pentagon: US Thwarts Multiple Drone Attacks in Iraq (Newsmax)
19-10-23 (01:16)   U.S. troops injured in Iraq after three drones attack (Washington Times)
18-10-23 (22:48)   Iraqi Militias Claim Credit for Failed Drone Attack on U.S. Troops (RedState)
18-10-23 (20:23)   Assassin's Creed Mirage: Baghdad City Guide (DualShockers)
18-10-23 (09:43)   US forces in Iraq thwart drone attack at air base housing American troops (New York Post)
18-10-23 (07:17)   US Thwarts Drone Attack on Its Troops in Iraq (Newsmax)
12-10-23 (15:15)   Baghdad's Best Locations In Assassin's Creed Mirage (Game Rant)
12-10-23 (01:52)   Assassin's Creed Mirage: All Tales Of Baghdad In Wilderness (DualShockers)
11-10-23 (20:45)   Iraq's Kataib Hezbollah Vows to Target U.S. Bases If Washington Aids Israel (Breitbart.com)
11-10-23 (20:23)   Assassin's Creed Mirage: All Tales Of Baghdad In Abbasiyah (DualShockers)
09-10-23 (22:00)   Assassin's Creed Mirage: All Wilderness Tales of Baghdad Locations & Solutions (Game Rant)
09-10-23 (11:42)   Assassin's Creed Mirage: How to Solve the Tales of Baghdad Quests (Screen Rant)
08-10-23 (16:46)   Assassin's Creed Mirage: 9th Century Baghdad Facts (Game Rant)
07-10-23 (13:29)   Assassin's Creed Mirage Interview: Historian Talks the 'Living History' of Ubisoft's Baghdad (Game Rant)
07-10-23 (01:14)   Iraq Bans Withdrawals and Transactions in U.S. Dollars (Breitbart.com)
06-10-23 (23:00)   This Week on Xbox: Tear Up the Race Track, Dominate the Ice, and Explore Medieval Baghdad (Xbox Wire)
06-10-23 (19:15)   Assassin's Creed Mirage: How to Find the Three Pages (Abbasiyah Tale of Baghdad) (Game Rant)
06-10-23 (13:29)   Assassin's Creed Mirage Historian Talks Cultural Representation in Baghdad (Game Rant)
05-10-23 (20:32)   US Refuses Iraq Request for $1 Billion Cash Shipment (Newsmax)
05-10-23 (06:28)   Iraqi Christians Demand Investigation of Wedding Fire That Killed 100+ People (Breitbart.com)
04-10-23 (03:05)   Texas Jury Awards Iraq Army Veteran $2.49M (OANN)
03-10-23 (18:32)   Iraq Veteran Awarded $2.49M in Texas (Newsmax)
03-10-23 (05:14)   Turkey Bombs Iraq Following Kurdish PKK Terror Attack (Breitbart.com)
30-09-23 (23:05)   Death Toll Rises Over 100 In Fire At Wedding in Iraq (OANN)
28-09-23 (21:30)   Electronic GPS 'spoofing' behind civilian jet navigation failures over Iraq (Washington Times)
28-09-23 (13:59)   Iraq's prime minister visits wedding fire victims as 2 more people die from their injuries (Washington Times)
27-09-23 (16:12)   Assassin's Creed Mirage's recreation of 9th Century Baghdad is so accurate it made a historian cry (GamesRadar)
27-09-23 (14:17)   Fire at Christian Wedding in Iraq Kills at Least 100, Injures 150 More (Newsmax)
27-09-23 (11:45)   Fire at a wedding hall in northern Iraq kills around 100 people and injures 150 (Washington Times)
27-09-23 (06:29)   At least 114 killed, 150 injured in fire that tore through Iraq wedding hall (New York Post)
26-09-23 (22:28)   Exclusive — Sen. J.D. Vance to Biden's Pentagon: Stop Escalating 'Dangerous' War with Russia Pushed by 'Same Idiots' Behind Iraq War (Breitbart.com)
25-09-23 (04:22)   One Of History's Strangest Tech Mysteries: The Baghdad Battery (SlashGear)
22-09-23 (13:15)   Assassin's Creed Mirage and Other Games Set in Baghdad (Game Rant)
21-09-23 (17:03)   Iraq PM Envisions Oil Price of No Less Than $85 to $95 (Newsmax)
18-09-23 (00:45)   Kurds Optimistic But No Quick Resolution in Baghdad Oil Dispute (Bloomberg)
15-09-23 (15:34)   How Ubisoft Bordeaux Built Assassin's Creed Mirage's Golden Age Baghdad (GameInformer.com)
13-09-23 (23:30)   U.S. should use its influence to help win the freedom of a scholar missing in Iraq, her sister says (Washington Times)
12-09-23 (18:04)   Assassin's Creed Mirage feels energized with the hustle & bustle of 9th century Baghdad (Shacknews)
29-08-23 (16:14)   German ISIS Bride Jailed over Death of Five-Year-Old Slave Girl in Iraq (Breitbart.com)
28-08-23 (15:16)   Tehran and Baghdad reach a deal to disarm and relocate Iranian dissident groups based in north Iraq (Washington Times)
23-08-23 (21:18)   'Assassin's Creed Mirage' Art Director on Re-creating Ninth-Century Baghdad for the New Game (Hollywood Reporter)
22-08-23 (21:24)   Assassin's Creed Mirage Trailer Details the City of Baghdad (PlayStation LifeStyle)
22-08-23 (21:01)   Assassin's Creed Mirage Receives New Action-Packed Trailer Focused on Baghdad (GamingBolt)
22-08-23 (20:55)   Assassin's Creed Mirage: The Round City of Baghdad Gameplay Trailer | ONL 2023 (GameSpot)
22-08-23 (15:28)   The Raw, Uncensored Reason We Invaded Iraq (Breitbart.com)
22-08-23 (01:59)   Baghdad Shuts Down Advertising Screens After Hacker Posts Porno (Breitbart.com)
20-08-23 (02:14)   'Peace of Mind': Iraq War Army Veteran Received Free Car Filled With School Supplies (Breitbart.com)
19-08-23 (16:45)   Officials commemorate 20th anniversary of deadly attack on U.N. headquarters in Iraq (Washington Times)
18-08-23 (21:10)   New Assassin's Creed Mirage Trailer Shows How Baghdad Was Lovingly Built (GameSpot)
18-08-23 (20:01)   Assassin's Creed Mirage Behind-the-Scenes Video Focuses on the City of Baghdad (GamingBolt)
18-08-23 (19:59)   Unapologetic Shiite cleric blasts corruption in Iraq and Lebanon, and attempts to silence him (Washington Times)
18-08-23 (11:30)   Assassin's Creed Mirage is Getting its Final Behind-the-Scenes Trailer Focusing on Baghdad (GamingBolt)
17-08-23 (18:43)   Terrifying video shows DC Uber driver who fled Iraq ducking bullets during shootout (New York Post)
15-08-23 (20:14)   Boy, 5, sends stuffed dinosaur to soldier dad in Iraq, melts hearts: 'I'm crying' (New York Post)
15-08-23 (05:40)   Iraq Lifts Ban On Telegram After Messaging App Complies With Authorities (Slashdot)
10-08-23 (22:30)   Chantilly contractor that supplied bomb dogs to Iraq's U.S. embassy settles whistleblower suit (Washington Times)
10-08-23 (03:19)   Iraq Bans The Usage Of Word 'Homosexuality' In Media (OANN)
09-08-23 (23:59)   Iraq Bans Use of the Term 'Homosexuality,' Insists on 'Sexual Deviance' Instead (Breitbart.com)
07-08-23 (17:43)   The New York Times Fires Baghdad Bureau Chief for Overpaying Local Journalists (TheWrap.com)
07-08-23 (17:40)   Iraq Blocks Telegram App Over National Security Concerns (Slashdot)

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