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30-04-17 (00:39)   A US service member was killed in blast near Mosul, Iraq (Business Insider)
29-04-17 (21:10)   U.S. service member killed in blast near Mosul, Iraq (Reuters)
29-04-17 (12:03)   Turkish military says kills 14 Kurdish militants in northern Iraq (Reuters)
29-04-17 (00:25)   Islamic State claims car bombing in Baghdad, four police killed (Reuters)
28-04-17 (14:14)   Trump Promises White House Will No Longer Obscure Iraq and Syria Troop Deployments (Breitbart.com)
27-04-17 (20:45)   China Bans Dozens of Islamic Names in Muslim Xinjiang: 'Jihad,' 'Saddam,' 'Muhammad' (Breitbart.com)
27-04-17 (15:25)   Iraqi paramilitaries have cut off more of ISIS escape routes to Syria (Business Insider)
27-04-17 (15:08)   Trump is giving the Pentagon more power to put troops to Iraq and Syria (Business Insider)
27-04-17 (13:03)   Qatar denies trying to pay ransom money to free hostages in Iraq (Reuters)
27-04-17 (12:56)   Iraqi paramilitaries shut more Islamic State escape routes to Syria border (Reuters)
27-04-17 (11:12)   DJI grounded its drones in Iraq and Syria to lock out extremists (Engadget)
27-04-17 (08:05)   DJI adds much of Iraq and Syria to its list of no-fly zones for its drones (TechCrunch)
27-04-17 (00:23)   DJI Mysteriously Turned Vast Swaths of Iraq and Syria Into Drone No-Fly Zones (Gizmodo)
26-04-17 (21:29)   Drone maker DJI quietly made large chunks of Iraq, Syria no-fly zones (The Register)
25-04-17 (23:32)   Turkish jets strike Kurdish fighters in Syria, Iraq's Sinjar (Reuters)
25-04-17 (19:03)   Turkey's military says killed 70 militants in Iraq's Sinjar, northern Syria (Reuters)
25-04-17 (14:08)   'Daesh is fighting house to house': Iraqi forces are using a mix of tactics to evict ISIS from its last stronghold (Business Insider)
25-04-17 (11:10)   Iraqi forces using siege and stealth to evict Islamic State from Mosul (Reuters)
24-04-17 (21:22)   Leigh Day lawyers accused of misconduct over Iraq claims (BBC News)
24-04-17 (20:42)   Snap does Baghdad: Snapchat wants to open the eyes of an entire generation (Mashable)
24-04-17 (16:02)   Qatari royals among 26 hostages released in Iraq (CNN.com)
24-04-17 (13:49)   As war wrecks ancient Iraq, Erbil works to rebuild citadel (Reuters)
23-04-17 (12:18)   Three Iraqi policemen killed in suicide attack south of Mosul (Reuters)
22-04-17 (12:56)   Hundreds more join Mosul exodus as Iraqi forces retake two more western districts (Reuters)
21-04-17 (22:54)   Qatari hunting party held hostage in Iraq since 2015 freed (Business Insider)
21-04-17 (22:32)   Hunting party held hostage in Iraq since 2015 freed (Reuters)
21-04-17 (15:39)   Turkish army says 2 of their soldiers, 6 Kurdish militants killed in clash near Iraq (Business Insider)
20-04-17 (21:18)   Resentment festers in Mosul: just ask Saddam Hussein (Reuters)
20-04-17 (13:56)   Iraq's Shi'ite ruling coalition opposes Kurds' independence referendum (Reuters)
20-04-17 (01:23)   Assad Isn't The Only One Using Chemical Weapons. ISIS Hits Iraqi Troops, U.S., Australian Advisers With Mustard Agent (Daily Wire)
19-04-17 (20:25)   U.S. approves $295.6 million military equipment sale to Iraq: Pentagon (Reuters)
19-04-17 (20:03)   Revolutionary Guard general takes over as new Iranian ambassador in Iraq (Reuters)
19-04-17 (19:18)   'We want to be happy': Iraqi violinist plays in Mosul as troops battle IS (Reuters)
19-04-17 (18:45)   Iraqi Vice President: Islamic State, Al-Qaeda Discussing Alliance (Breitbart.com)
19-04-17 (08:53)   Iraqi Yazidis gather for the first time since 2014 to celebrate their New Year (BBC News)
19-04-17 (04:54)   ISIS troops reportedly targeted US advisers with a mustard agent in Iraq (Business Insider)
18-04-17 (23:39)   Meet the Iraqi sniper making life hell for ISIS fighters in Mosul (Business Insider)
18-04-17 (18:29)   On the ground with Iraqi forces in Mosul (BBC News)
18-04-17 (16:49)   Iraq opens new Tigris bridge escape route for people fleeing Mosul (Reuters)
18-04-17 (15:49)   Trapped Mosul civilians could face worst catastrophe of Iraq conflict, U.N. warns (Reuters)
18-04-17 (02:03)   Islamic State seeking alliance with al Qaeda, Iraqi vice president says (Reuters)
18-04-17 (01:09)   These Easter Day Photos From Iraq Went Viral. Here's Why. (Daily Wire)
17-04-17 (19:54)   Islamic State is seeking an alliance with al Qaeda, Iraqi vice president says (Business Insider)
17-04-17 (17:18)   'We want to learn': Iraqi girls back at school after years under Islamic State (Reuters)
17-04-17 (15:08)   Iraqi forces fight door-to-door in Mosul as battles enters 7th month (Business Insider)
17-04-17 (13:18)   Iraqi forces fight door-to-door in Mosul as battles enters seventh month (Reuters)
16-04-17 (15:03)   Iraqi Christians celebrate Easter, dream of returning home (Reuters)
15-04-17 (17:03)   Islamic State militant linked to Charlie Hebdo attack could still be alive: Iraq (Reuters)
14-04-17 (11:18)   Iraqi Christians return to ransacked town with fear and hope (Reuters)
14-04-17 (09:53)   Iraqi security forces hold defensive line in Mosul (BBC News)
13-04-17 (20:56)   German judge authorizes arrest of Iraqi detained after Dortmund blasts (Reuters)
13-04-17 (14:39)   'The terrain changes literally every day': Iraqi forces make progress against ISIS as body count rises (Business Insider)
13-04-17 (11:22)   Borussia Dortmund attack: Iraqi suspect 'linked to IS' (BBC News)
12-04-17 (21:03)   U.S. general sees progress by Iraqi forces in Mosul despite complicated battle (Reuters)
12-04-17 (17:33)   'Sand Castle' Clip: Henry Cavill Will Fix This Iraqi Water Problem (SlashFilm)
12-04-17 (17:32)   Packed Iraq morgue reveals toll of Mosul conflict (Reuters)
12-04-17 (16:14)   Rights Group: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq Among Top Global Executioners (Breitbart.com)
12-04-17 (02:14)   Tulsi Gabbard: 'We Need to Learn from Iraq and Libya' Before Intervening in Syria (Breitbart.com)
11-04-17 (14:32)   Islamic State has lost most territory it held in Iraq: Iraqi spokesman (Reuters)
11-04-17 (14:25)   IRAQ: ISIS has lost most of the land it seized (Business Insider)
11-04-17 (03:39)   Iraq coach Shenaishil sacked after World Cup failure (Reuters)
09-04-17 (14:48)   ISIS kills dozens in Syria, Iraq (CNN.com)
09-04-17 (11:18)   Sadr becomes first Iraqi Shi'ite leader to urge Assad to step down (Reuters)
08-04-17 (15:43)   The people stuck in the crossfire in Iraq (BBC News)
08-04-17 (13:03)   Baghdad says U.S. pledges continued support for Iraq's war against IS (Reuters)
08-04-17 (08:47)   #SocialGathering: Syrian First Lady's Instagram Photos Draw Ire; Jared "Kush" Visits Iraq (Hollywood Reporter)
06-04-17 (20:28)   Here's Jared Kushner ready for a yacht party in Iraq (Mashable)
06-04-17 (19:32)   'Fight to the death': snipers slow down Iraqi forces in Mosul's Old City (Reuters)
06-04-17 (16:48)   'Baby Noor:' Iraqi girl saved by US heads to new life - with hope (CNN.com)
06-04-17 (15:39)   Two Iraqi pilots killed when helicopter shot down over Mosul by Islamic State (Reuters)
06-04-17 (12:39)   Kurds 're-energize' independence referendum plan for post-jihadist Iraq (Reuters)
05-04-17 (21:59)   EXCLUSIVE: Iraqi Christians: We 'Just' Want 'a Chance to Survive' (Breitbart.com)
05-04-17 (20:25)   Photos: Jared Kushner goes to Iraq (Business Insider)
05-04-17 (14:18)   Islamic State kills 31 in Iraq's Tikrit: security sources, medics (Reuters)
05-04-17 (01:56)   In Iraq, Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, upbeat on Mosul (Reuters)
04-04-17 (21:33)   Iraq, Syria: 229 civilian deaths in strikes since 2014 (CNN.com)
04-04-17 (14:25)   The White House's failure to keep Jared Kushner's trip to Iraq secret became a security risk (Business Insider)
04-04-17 (14:03)   Iraq reopens hot springs spa amid Mosul war chaos (Reuters)
03-04-17 (18:40)   FAKE NEWS? Reuters Reports Jared Kushner Visits Iraq , Withdraws Story, Then Does This. (Daily Wire)
03-04-17 (18:25)   Iraq's anti-corruption czar: the job so tough they won't let you quit (Reuters)
03-04-17 (15:19)   Trump's son-in-law travels to Iraq (CNN.com)
03-04-17 (14:49)   Brothers in arms: Iraqi armed groups grow as Islamic State shrinks (Reuters)
03-04-17 (13:54)   Social Media Cries 'Fake News' After Reuters Pulls Story About Jared Kushner in Iraq [Updated: Reuters Confirms Kushner in Iraq] (Gizmodo)
03-04-17 (13:08)   Jared Kushner is reportedly headed to Iraq (Business Insider)
03-04-17 (08:32)   ADVISORY: Story on Kushner visiting Iraq withdrawn (Reuters)
03-04-17 (01:43)   Iraqi troops hunt deadly IS snipers in Mosul (BBC News)
02-04-17 (10:49)   Islamic State second-in-command killed in airstrike, Iraqi intelligence says (Reuters)
02-04-17 (03:45)   Graphic Photos: Islamic State Throws Iraqi Man Accused of Homosexuality from Rooftop (Breitbart.com)
02-04-17 (00:08)   Iraqi intelligence: ISIS' second-in-command was killed in an airstrike (Business Insider)
31-03-17 (20:25)   The Pentagon is no longer going to tell the public how many troops are in Iraq and Syria (Business Insider)
30-03-17 (15:08)   How the Iraq war gave us Trump (Business Insider)
30-03-17 (14:59)   Trump: 'We're Doing Very Well in Iraq,' U.S. Troops 'Fighting Like Never Before' (Breitbart.com)
30-03-17 (03:32)   Iraqi forces battle to Mosul mosque, 17 killed in Baghdad (Reuters)
29-03-17 (23:36)   Baghdad checkpoint hit by deadly car bomb attack (BBC News)
29-03-17 (21:25)   Top US commander: 284 Iraqi security-force members killed fighting ISIS in west Mosul (Business Insider)
29-03-17 (20:19)   Trump: US troops 'fighting like never before' in Iraq (CNN.com)
29-03-17 (19:00)   Mosul battle: Iraqi forces edge closer to key mosque (BBC News)
29-03-17 (17:59)   Civilians in Mosul Caught in Crossfire Between Islamic State and Iraqi Army (Breitbart.com)
29-03-17 (17:59)   U.S. to Send 200 More Troops to Iraq to Help Mosul Liberation Effort (Breitbart.com)
29-03-17 (16:08)   An Iraqi refugee family may be deported from the US over ties to 2004 kidnapping of an American contractor (Business Insider)
29-03-17 (14:25)   Iraqi forces in Mosul are pushing ISIS back to the mosque where the terror group declared its 'caliphate' (Business Insider)
29-03-17 (01:18)   Obama's defense chief doesn't see big changes in Iraq campaign (Reuters)
28-03-17 (18:54)   Mattis had the perfect response when asked about the US bombing civilians in ISIS-held Iraq (Business Insider)
28-03-17 (18:32)   U.S. charges three Iraqi refugees with immigration fraud (Reuters)
28-03-17 (16:56)   Iraqi farmers desperate to go home as cattle perish (Reuters)
28-03-17 (12:50)   Ancient Assyrian Tomb with 10 Skeletons Discovered in Iraq (Live Science)
28-03-17 (12:10)   U.N.'s Zeid says Iraq must avoid civilian deaths in west Mosul (Reuters)
28-03-17 (04:54)   ISIS has left sinister threats for Iraqi forces as it abandons its rural outposts (Business Insider)
27-03-17 (22:02)   US-led strike led to Mosul civilian deaths, Iraqi official says (CNN.com)
27-03-17 (22:02)   US, Iraq investigate claims of civilian deaths (CNN.com)
27-03-17 (19:25)   Iraqi forces make new push in Mosul Old City: federal police (Reuters)
27-03-17 (18:45)   WATCH: Iraqi Christians on U.S. President ? 'We Have Confidence in Trump!' (Breitbart.com)
27-03-17 (15:54)   Iraqi forces launch renewed attacks on ISIS after reports of hundreds of civilian deaths (Business Insider)
27-03-17 (08:53)   'Two dead' in Mosul market attack in Iraq (BBC News)
26-03-17 (16:14)   Mosul offensive: Iraq denies air strike caused civilian deaths (BBC News)
26-03-17 (14:56)   Iraqi military says 61 bodies found in Mosul district, combat around key mosque (Reuters)
25-03-17 (20:08)   US confirms its airstrike near ISIS' Iraqi capital killed dozens of civilians (Business Insider)
25-03-17 (16:08)   Iraqi parliament speaker concerned over possible US airstrikes that killed at least 100 civilians (Business Insider)
25-03-17 (11:25)   Iraqi forces to deploy new tactics in Mosul, civilians flee city (Reuters)
24-03-17 (14:25)   Shi'ite cleric Sadr says only Iraq's military should hold land seized from IS (Reuters)
24-03-17 (14:08)   Bloodied by ISIS snipers, Iraqi forces prepare to deploy 'new techniques' in fight for Mosul (Business Insider)
24-03-17 (04:45)   James Mattis on Iraq: 'I Don't See Any Reason to Pull Out Again and Find the Same Lesson' (Breitbart.com)
23-03-17 (20:10)   Dozens killed, buried in rubble after Mosul air raid - Iraqi officials, residents (Reuters)
23-03-17 (16:39)   Pentagon: US troops are going to be in Iraq 'for years to come' (Business Insider)
22-03-17 (13:54)   ISIS is going scorched earth as it loses ground in Iraq and Syria (Business Insider)
22-03-17 (13:45)   Iraqi PM: Trump Is 'Prepared to Do More' Than Obama to Fight Terror (Breitbart.com)
21-03-17 (15:56)   Iraqi forces try to bring civilians out of west Mosul, U.S. pledges more support (Reuters)
21-03-17 (13:48)   Trump welcomes Iraqi PM to White House (CNN.com)
21-03-17 (13:48)   Will Iraq survive victory over ISIS in Mosul? (CNN.com)
21-03-17 (08:18)   Iraq's Abadi says he wins Trump's assurances of more U.S. support (Reuters)
21-03-17 (00:08)   Iraq's prime minister thanks Trump for removing Iraq from travel ban list (Business Insider)
20-03-17 (21:54)   Iraq's prime minister pokes fun at Trump over wiretapping claims during trip to White House (Business Insider)
20-03-17 (20:39)   As Iraqi forces fight to take Mosul, car bomb in Baghdad kills 23 people (Reuters)
20-03-17 (19:56)   Islamic State militants capture Iraqi police colonel, eight officers in west Mosul: official (Reuters)
20-03-17 (18:32)   Car bomb blast kills at least 23 in south Baghdad: police and medical sources (Reuters)
20-03-17 (00:08)   Watch a US-led airstrike destroy part of ISIS' arsenal in the terror group's shrinking Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
19-03-17 (18:03)   Iraqi forces close on Mosul mosque as strike kills foreign militants (Reuters)
19-03-17 (11:29)   Indian engineer named Saddam Hussain cannot get a job (BBC News)
18-03-17 (17:32)   Thousands flee Iraq's Mosul as battle edges into Old City (Reuters)
17-03-17 (15:10)   Iraqi forces edge into Mosul's Old City, Nuri mosque in sight (Reuters)
16-03-17 (21:32)   Iraqi forces besiege Islamic State around Mosul Old City (Reuters)
16-03-17 (13:25)   Iraqi forces are trying to encircle Mosul's ISIS-held Old City (Business Insider)
16-03-17 (05:36)   Iraq Inquiry: New facts would justify fresh probe say MPs (BBC News)
15-03-17 (23:08)   This ex-Army Ranger who interrogated Saddam Hussein may be the next Secretary of the Army (Business Insider)
15-03-17 (19:03)   Car bomb kills 8, wounds dozens in Iraq's Tikrit city (Reuters)
15-03-17 (17:49)   At wrecked Mosul airport, home is still distant for Iraq's displaced (Reuters)
15-03-17 (16:28)   'Megan Leavey' Trailer: Kate Mara Finds a K9 Companion in the Iraq War (Collider)
15-03-17 (15:45)   Expert: Many Christians, Kurds in Iraq 'Openly pro-Trump' as Protest Against Radical Islam (Breitbart.com)
15-03-17 (11:39)   Heavy fighting as Iraqi forces set sights on Mosul's Grand Mosque (Reuters)
14-03-17 (17:08)   ISIS commander killed in house-by-house fight for the terror group's last Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
14-03-17 (11:56)   Malaysia, Australia to share intel on any IS returnees from Iraq (Reuters)
14-03-17 (03:39)   Iran and Iraq are making it harder for Saudi Arabia to prop up oil prices (Business Insider)
14-03-17 (01:25)   Vienna again ranked world's nicest city, and Baghdad worst (Reuters)
13-03-17 (22:25)   Watch a US-led coalition strike wipe out an ISIS roadblock amid the grinding fight for the group's Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
13-03-17 (13:25)   Weary and wary, Iraq special forces fight 'house-by-house' in Mosul (Reuters)
13-03-17 (13:18)   Iraq forces face tough resistance in advance on Mosul's Old City (Reuters)
12-03-17 (19:39)   Iraqi general says 30 percent of west Mosul recaptured from Islamic State (Reuters)
12-03-17 (14:39)   Iraqi forces unearth mass grave of Shi'ite inmates killed by IS (Reuters)
11-03-17 (04:25)   Iraq unsure if U.N. help needed to probe Islamic State crimes (Reuters)
10-03-17 (23:56)   Iraq says 'no evidence' of chemical weapons attacks in Mosul (Reuters)
10-03-17 (14:09)   Video: Iraqi Soldier's Quick Thinking Saves His Comrades From An ISIS Suicide Bomber (Daily Wire)
10-03-17 (07:28)   Islamic State Leader Baghdadi 'Flees Mosul' as Iraqi Forces Advance (Breitbart.com)
10-03-17 (03:18)   Amal Clooney to Iraq: Allow U.N. probe of Islamic State Yazidi crimes (Reuters)
09-03-17 (13:00)   Iraq and Afghanistan wars memorial unveiled (BBC News)
09-03-17 (06:45)   Iraq: Christians, Yazidis Seeking Semi-Autonomous Region (Breitbart.com)
08-03-17 (22:18)   Iraqi forces fight IS in Mosul as bomb blasts hit Tikrit wedding (Reuters)
08-03-17 (13:56)   Islamic State leader Baghdadi abandons Mosul fight to field commanders, U.S. and Iraqi sources say (Reuters)
08-03-17 (09:25)   Iraq to continue striking Islamic State targets in Syria, Abadi says (Reuters)
08-03-17 (09:02)   Arwa Damon: 'I'll always go back to Iraq' (CNN.com)
08-03-17 (04:08)   'The plan was stupid': ISIS springs deadly trap on daring nighttime raid by Iraqi forces in Mosul (Business Insider)
07-03-17 (21:39)   U.S. says Iraq removed from travel ban partly for fight against Islamic State (Reuters)
07-03-17 (21:25)   Trump's new national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, helped bring an Iraqi family to the US (Business Insider)
07-03-17 (17:19)   Trump signs new travel ban, exempts Iraq (CNN.com)
07-03-17 (17:19)   Why Iraq was removed from revised travel ban (CNN.com)
07-03-17 (16:39)   Iraqi forces recapture Mosul government buildings, museum (Reuters)
06-03-17 (18:39)   Trump's revised travel ban excludes Iraq and people with current visas ? and it takes effect March 16 (Business Insider)
06-03-17 (14:54)   'Heaven is jihad in the path of God': Amid harsh fight for Mosul, Iraqi forces uncover hidden ISIS training camp (Business Insider)
06-03-17 (12:39)   Trump's new immigration ban is likely coming today ? and Iraq is off the list (Business Insider)
06-03-17 (07:49)   U.S.-backed Iraqi forces capture al-Hurriya bridge in Mosul, spokesman says (Reuters)
06-03-17 (00:08)   Iraqi forces have launched a fresh push against ISIS in Mosul, but the hardest fighting is still ahead (Business Insider)
05-03-17 (18:39)   Over 40,000 displaced from Mosul in a week as Iraqi forces near old city (Reuters)
05-03-17 (15:36)   Mosul battle: New Iraqi push on IS-held city centre (BBC News)
05-03-17 (13:49)   Iraq to get 10 billion pound loan for British contracts (Reuters)
04-03-17 (18:49)   220 civilians killed by strikes in Iraq, Syria since 2014: U.S. military (Reuters)
03-03-17 (14:45)   Eight Iraqi Migrants Jailed After New Year's Eve Gang Rape (Breitbart.com)
03-03-17 (09:39)   Rival Kurdish factions clash in northwestern Iraq (Reuters)
03-03-17 (00:08)   'I've never seen such war': To some Iraqis, the fight against ISIS outstrips wars of the Saddam era (Business Insider)
02-03-17 (20:24)   See Mad Max And Superman Actors In New Trailer For Iraq War Movie (GameSpot)
02-03-17 (17:03)   'Sand Castle' Trailer: First Look At Netflix Iraq War Drama With Nicholas Hoult & Henry Cavill (Deadline.com)
02-03-17 (15:08)   Iraqi forces in Mosul fend off counterattack by ISIS fighters hidden among civilians (Business Insider)
02-03-17 (11:25)   Iraqi forces block Islamic State counter-attack in western Mosul - officers (Reuters)
02-03-17 (11:03)   Oil pumping from Iraq's Kirkuk fields stops amid search for explosives (Reuters)
02-03-17 (04:19)   Travel ban: Advisers urge Iraq's removal (CNN.com)
01-03-17 (23:45)   Iraqi Asylum Seeker Jailed for Raping Drunk Woman in London (Breitbart.com)
01-03-17 (22:25)   US commander downplays chance of big troop hike in Iraq and Syria (Business Insider)
01-03-17 (20:13)   Iraqi Intelligence Finds ISIS Jihadists Among Refugees (Infowars.com)
01-03-17 (19:39)   U.S. commander downplays chance of big Iraq, Syria troop hike (Reuters)
01-03-17 (19:25)   Two British medics who joined Islamic State killed in Iraq: BBC (Reuters)
01-03-17 (16:45)   Experts Warn: Iran-Allied Shiite Militias in Iraq to Threaten U.S. After Mosul Falls (Breitbart.com)
01-03-17 (14:25)   Iraqi army controls main roads out of Mosul, trapping Islamic State (Reuters)
01-03-17 (10:39)   Trump's new immigration ban will reportedly remove Iraq from the list (Business Insider)
01-03-17 (08:03)   U.S.-backed Iraqi forces close in on IS-held Mosul government buildings (Reuters)
01-03-17 (05:32)   New Trump immigration order will remove Iraq from list of banned countries: AP (Reuters)
01-03-17 (00:45)   FBI: Texan Tried to Take Kidnapped Child to Iraq via Mexico (Breitbart.com)
28-02-17 (17:25)   Italy sacks diplomat in Iraq after visa-selling probe (Reuters)
28-02-17 (13:33)   Iraq army seizes key Mosul bridge (CNN.com)
28-02-17 (11:57)   11 million Asiacell subscribers in Iraq to get free access to Wikipedia (Digital Trends)
28-02-17 (07:28)   Report: Erdogan, Iraqi Kurdish Leader Discuss Rival to Syrian Kurds in Islamic State War (Breitbart.com)
27-02-17 (23:40)   ISIS Butchered Christians In Iraq And Syria: Now Slaughtering Christians In Egypt (Daily Wire)
27-02-17 (19:33)   Kurdish reporter Shifa Gardi killed in Iraq (CNN.com)
27-02-17 (15:54)   'The enemy is broken': Iraqi forces have lodged a crucial victory in ISIS' last stronghold (Business Insider)
27-02-17 (14:02)   Iraq's first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria (CNN.com)
27-02-17 (13:10)   Iraqi forces seize Mosul bridge as thousands of civilians flee (Reuters)
26-02-17 (18:49)   Iraqi forces aim to secure Mosul bridge, link up to east bank (Reuters)
26-02-17 (00:02)   US soldiers help Iraqi troops secure Mosul (CNN.com)
26-02-17 (00:02)   Iraqi forces advance near key area in city's west (CNN.com)
25-02-17 (16:36)   Mosul battle: Kurdish reporter Shifa Gardi killed in Iraq (BBC News)
25-02-17 (12:03)   Saudi foreign minister makes rare visit to Baghdad (Reuters)
25-02-17 (11:25)   Iraqi forces push deeper into western Mosul as civilians flee (Reuters)
25-02-17 (09:56)   Bombs target oil pipeline in Iraq's Kirkuk, one killed (Reuters)
25-02-17 (01:08)   Mosul is just the first item on Iraq's list of critical problems (Business Insider)
24-02-17 (22:59)   Iraqi Christians Raise Giant Cross on Land Liberated from Islamic State (Breitbart.com)
24-02-17 (22:59)   Andrew Walther: Obama Administration Allowed ISIS Dechristianization in Syria and Iraq (Breitbart.com)
24-02-17 (19:56)   Iraqi forces punch into western Mosul, launch air strikes in Syria (Reuters)
24-02-17 (19:03)   U.S. provided intelligence for Iraq strike in Syria: Pentagon (Reuters)
24-02-17 (16:39)   Watch a US-led airstrike destroy an ISIS headquarters building near the group's urban stronghold in Iraq (Business Insider)
24-02-17 (06:59)   Report: Corruption in Iraq Allowing Islamic State to 'Seep Back' into Liberated Areas (Breitbart.com)
24-02-17 (01:39)   Pentagon plan to defeat Islamic State to look beyond Iraq, Syria (Reuters)
23-02-17 (19:13)   Austria: Family of Iraqi Asylum Seekers 'gang raped drunk woman' (Infowars.com)
23-02-17 (18:03)   Iraqi forces storm Mosul airport, military base (Reuters)
23-02-17 (12:22)   Mosul offensive: Iraqi forces recapture airport in bid to retake city (BBC News)
23-02-17 (09:08)   Iraq forces attack ISIS-held Mosul airport (Business Insider)
23-02-17 (06:14)   Study: Islamic State May Soon Go Broke in Iraq and Syria (Breitbart.com)
23-02-17 (06:02)   Burned Iraqi toddler reunited with family (CNN.com)
23-02-17 (04:48)   US Defense Sec: We're not in Iraq to seize oil (CNN.com)
22-02-17 (22:28)   Iraqi Migrant Tells German Court He Was Ordered to Pose With Severed Heads (Breitbart.com)
22-02-17 (21:09)   Multiculturalism: Iraqi Refugee Charged With Raping 13-Year-Old European Girl (Daily Wire)
22-02-17 (17:03)   British suicide bomber in Iraq had won compensation for Guantanamo stay (Reuters)
22-02-17 (14:49)   Far from Brooklyn, Iraq's hipsters declare war on poor dress sense (Reuters)
21-02-17 (16:49)   Iraqi forces fighting Islamic State set to storm airport, clear way to western Mosul (Reuters)
21-02-17 (15:59)   U.S.-Backed Iraqi Alliance Kickstart 'Daunting' Offensive to Retake Western Mosul (Breitbart.com)
21-02-17 (05:45)   Islamic State Jihadist Says He Raped over 200 Iraqi Women: 'This Is Normal' (Breitbart.com)
21-02-17 (03:39)   Watch a US-led strike knock out an ISIS tank near the terrorist group's shrinking Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
21-02-17 (00:39)   Iraqi forces reach vicinity of Mosul airport (Reuters)
20-02-17 (20:45)   Iran Blames Iraq For Sandstorm That Crippled Power Grid (Breitbart.com)
20-02-17 (19:25)   Trump's defense chief: 'We're not in Iraq to seize anybody's oil' (Reuters)
20-02-17 (18:33)   Iraqi forces storm key village near airport (CNN.com)
20-02-17 (17:54)   Watch a US-led airstrike knock an ISIS vehicle off the road near the terrorist group's Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
20-02-17 (14:28)   Mattis in Iraq: We're Not Here For Your Oil (Breitbart.com)
20-02-17 (14:19)   Iraq starts operation to drive ISIS out of west Mosul (CNN.com)
20-02-17 (13:39)   Turkish army says killed 34 Kurdish militants in air strikes in northern Iraq (Reuters)
20-02-17 (12:27)   SecDef Mattis Arrives In Baghdad For Unannounced Visit (Infowars.com)
20-02-17 (11:08)   Trump's defence chief tells Iraq: We're not here for your oil (Business Insider)
20-02-17 (11:08)   Iraqi forces are advancing on Mosul Airport ? ISIS's last stronghold in the city (Business Insider)
20-02-17 (07:00)   Mosul offensive: Iraqi army resumes advance on IS bastion (BBC News)
19-02-17 (15:07)   Mosul assault: Iraq troops make headway against IS (BBC News)
19-02-17 (14:08)   Iraqi forces launch a fresh offensive in Mosul (Business Insider)
19-02-17 (13:03)   Iraq launches offensive on last Islamic State stronghold in Mosul (Reuters)
19-02-17 (05:03)   West Mosul residents told battle is imminent as Iraqi forces begin moving (Reuters)
18-02-17 (20:48)   Scores killed in Baghdad car bomb blast (CNN.com)
16-02-17 (18:39)   Baghdad car bomb kills 51 as Islamic State escalates insurgency (Reuters)
16-02-17 (16:29)   Baghdad car bomb kills at least 48 (BBC News)
16-02-17 (13:25)   After Mosul, jihadist threat to Iraq will grow: Kurdish intelligence official (Reuters)
15-02-17 (21:54)   'God willing we will eliminate them': ISIS still poses an insidious threat in liberated parts of Iraqi (Business Insider)
15-02-17 (16:49)   Suicide truck bomber kills at least 15 in Sadr City suburb of Baghdad: security sources (Reuters)
15-02-17 (15:54)   Iraqi civilians in west Mosul are eating once a day and bracing for worse (Business Insider)
14-02-17 (19:56)   'Choose life, not death' reform center tells Iraqi teenage militants (Reuters)
14-02-17 (18:02)   Iraqi police officer killed in clashes at demonstration (CNN.com)
13-02-17 (23:49)   Islamic State leadership targeted in air strike, Baghdadi fate unclear: Iraqi military (Reuters)
13-02-17 (21:03)   Exclusive: After Islamic State defeat, broken Iraqi farmers weigh heavy losses (Reuters)
12-02-17 (21:39)   Watch a US-led airstrike destroy one of ISIS's favorite weapons in western Iraq (Business Insider)
12-02-17 (19:33)   Coalition targets top ISIS figure in Iraq strike (CNN.com)
12-02-17 (13:03)   Inter-Shi'ite tension mounts in Baghdad after clashes (Reuters)
11-02-17 (23:22)   Baghdad's Green Zone hit by rockets after deadly clashes (BBC News)
11-02-17 (22:44)   Security Forces Fire Tear Gas at 1,000s of Protesters Near Baghdad 'Green Zone' ? Reports (Infowars.com)
11-02-17 (17:25)   Iraq president announced they won't take part in any regional conflicts after talking to Trump (Business Insider)
11-02-17 (17:10)   Iraqi policeman killed in clashes with pro-Sadr protesters (Reuters)
11-02-17 (14:53)   IHAT closure: Sgt Brian Wood says Iraq abuse inquiry should have ended sooner (BBC News)
11-02-17 (13:39)   The UK will close Iraq war abuse unit because of law firm's false claims (Business Insider)
11-02-17 (11:49)   Iraq says will stay clear of U.S.-Iran tensions (Reuters)
11-02-17 (09:56)   UK to close Iraq war abuse unit, citing false claims (Reuters)
11-02-17 (07:00)   Newspaper headlines: End of Iraq abuse unit welcomed (BBC News)
10-02-17 (19:49)   Suicide bombings kill 10, wound 33 in Mosul, Baghdad (Reuters)
10-02-17 (17:22)   Iraq war allegations probe to end (BBC News)
10-02-17 (05:28)   Iraqi Forces Leave Rotting Corpses in Mosul to Intimidate Islamic State (Breitbart.com)
09-02-17 (09:49)   Iraq puts out fires at Qayyara oil field in northern Iraq: ministry (Reuters)
09-02-17 (00:25)   Sean Spicer is right about not criticizing military operations, so Donald Trump should apologize for his comments on the Iraq War (Business Insider)
08-02-17 (20:06)   PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Barracks West of Mosul & Documents Dead (Heavy.com)
08-02-17 (19:25)   US Marine captain writes stinging op-ed: 'We lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan' (Business Insider)
07-02-17 (19:58)   Contractor Evacuated From Iraq After Speaking Out on Islam (Infowars.com)
06-02-17 (22:45)   Iraqi and Egyptian Nationals Caught After Sneaking Across Open Border (Breitbart.com)
06-02-17 (21:25)   U.S. embassy in Iraq reports threat against Baghdad hotels (Reuters)
06-02-17 (18:54)   'This will be your fate': Iraq is using ISIS corpses to wage a psychological war in Mosul (Business Insider)
06-02-17 (18:37)   PHOTOS: ISIS Drops Mortar Bombs From Drones for 'Airstrikes' on Iraqi Forces (Heavy.com)
06-02-17 (17:56)   Iraqi forces wage psychological war with jihadist corpses (Reuters)
06-02-17 (15:54)   Watch a US-led airstrike level an ISIS-held building near the terror group's last Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
05-02-17 (22:46)   Donald Trump Compares Iraq War Political Advocates To Vladimir Putin In Super Bowl Interview With Bill O'Reilly (Deadline.com)
05-02-17 (13:03)   At former jihadist training camp, Iraqi police face drones, crack snipers (Reuters)
05-02-17 (09:29)   Trump travel ban: Iraqi family boards flight to JFK (BBC News)
05-02-17 (07:00)   Newspaper headlines: MPs call to 'shut down Iraq abuse inquiry' (BBC News)
04-02-17 (17:39)   This amazing film shows what Iraq was like in the 1950s, before decades of conflict (Business Insider)
04-02-17 (16:09)   Video of Marine Working in Iraq Praising Trump's Immigration Order Goes Viral (Daily Wire)
03-02-17 (21:25)   Abadi fends off calls by Iran allies in Iraq to react to Trump travel ban (Reuters)
03-02-17 (20:45)   Iraqi Archbishop: Where Were the Protesters 'When ISIS Came to Kill Christians'? (Breitbart.com)
03-02-17 (17:49)   Freed from jihadists, Mosul residents focus fury on Iraqi politicians (Reuters)
03-02-17 (15:23)   PHOTOS: ISIS Uses Drone to Document Attack on Iraqi Army South of Mosul (Heavy.com)
02-02-17 (23:03)   European agency says Iraqi Airways not removed from blacklist (Reuters)
02-02-17 (18:25)   Eleven civilians killed in air strikes in Iraq, Syria: U.S. military (Reuters)
02-02-17 (18:03)   Iraq faces challenge of educating Mosul's displaced children (Reuters)
02-02-17 (17:23)   This Guy Said His Mother Died In Iraq Thanks To Trump. He Lied. (Daily Wire)
02-02-17 (13:36)   Iraq lawyer Phil Shiner struck off over misconduct (BBC News)
02-02-17 (12:56)   Mosul hotel catered to elites: from Saddam allies to suicide bombers (Reuters)
02-02-17 (02:54)   HOAX: Detroit Man Said Trump's Travel Ban Killed His Iraqi Mother. There's Just One Big Problem. (Daily Wire)
01-02-17 (22:54)   Michigan man made up story of mother dying in Iraq after Trump travel ban, imam says (Business Insider)
01-02-17 (19:23)   PHOTO: Lion & Bear Discovered by Iraqi Army While Fighting ISIS in East Mosul (Heavy.com)
01-02-17 (15:08)   Profits of doom: Iraqi mechanics are doing a brisk business amid the brutal campaign against ISIS (Business Insider)
01-02-17 (08:42)   Veteran speaks out against 'Muslim ban' with incredible Iraq story (Mashable)
01-02-17 (06:06)   ISIS Members Murdered by Secret Iraqi 'Civilian' Hit Squads (Heavy.com)
31-01-17 (20:32)   Iraq will not retaliate against Trump's visa ban: PM (Reuters)
31-01-17 (18:37)   PHOTOS: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Mosul January 31, 2017 (Heavy.com)
31-01-17 (12:54)   An Iraqi lawmaker could be barred from accepting a human rights award in Washington (Business Insider)
30-01-17 (23:39)   This Iraqi Facebook engineer was invited to the US under President Bush, and now he's feeling trapped (Business Insider)
30-01-17 (23:37)   PHOTOS: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Mosul January 29, 2017 (Heavy.com)
30-01-17 (20:28)   Meet the gay Iraqi soldiers who fell in love and ended up on Ellen (Mashable)
30-01-17 (20:02)   What is ExxonMobil doing in Iraq? (CNN.com)
30-01-17 (19:37)   PHOTOS: New ISIS Video Shows Trench Warfare & Iraqi Soldier Corpse Desecration (Heavy.com)
30-01-17 (17:25)   What Trump's travel ban means for Iraqi interpreters who served alongside US troops (Business Insider)
30-01-17 (16:54)   Trump's immigration ban could be putting Iraq's most persecuted minority in danger (Business Insider)
30-01-17 (16:18)   Iraq parliament approves new defense, interior ministers: state TV (Reuters)
30-01-17 (14:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Barracks Near Shirqat, South of Mosul (Heavy.com)
30-01-17 (03:36)   Beautifying Baghdad (BBC News)
29-01-17 (23:25)   Iraq to oppose U.S. travel curbs, keen to work together against Islamic State (Reuters)
29-01-17 (18:52)   PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks & Kills Shia Militiamen Near Samarra, Iraq (Heavy.com)
29-01-17 (17:39)   Iraq will lobby against US travel limits as both countries fight against ISIS (Business Insider)
29-01-17 (16:54)   Iraqi father on Trump banning his family: 'It is just like Saddam Hussein's decisions' (Business Insider)
29-01-17 (16:00)   'I sold my house' to emigrate to US, says Iraqi man with visa (BBC News)
29-01-17 (15:37)   PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks Iraqi Army Barracks Near Baiji, South of Mosul (Heavy.com)
29-01-17 (14:09)   Iraq: We Understand Travel Ban -- Iran: Ban Will Make More Terrorists (Daily Wire)
29-01-17 (10:23)   Did President Obama 'Ban' Iraqi Refugees? (Heavy.com)
28-01-17 (20:52)   WATCH: Iraqi Refugee Hameed Darweesh Says He Likes Trump, Praises America (Heavy.com)
27-01-17 (23:23)   Ellen Hosts Gay Iraqi Soldiers With A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Love Story (The Huffington Post)
27-01-17 (22:54)   Fear in interrogation room, death in the street: Iraqi forces start to root ISIS fighters out of recaptured territory (Business Insider)
27-01-17 (21:13)   Iraqi Filmmaker Withdraws American Visa Application to Protest Trump's Proposed Muslim Ban (Updated) (Vulture)
27-01-17 (20:48)   Iraqi PM: Eastern Mosul liberated from ISIS (CNN.com)
27-01-17 (18:56)   Fear in interrogation room, death in the street: Iraq roots out Islamic State (Reuters)
27-01-17 (17:06)   PHOTOS: ISIS Beheads 'Iraqi Intelligence Officer' Near Baghdad (Heavy.com)
27-01-17 (01:07)   Newspaper headlines: No more wars like Iraq, May tells US (BBC News)
26-01-17 (21:08)   'They watch us, we watch them': Iraqi troops are turning their fire on ISIS' last bastion in Mosul (Business Insider)
26-01-17 (19:18)   Trump Muslim Ban Puts Miami Film Fest, Iraqi Director in the Crosshairs (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
26-01-17 (15:37)   PHOTOS: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS in Mosul January 25, 2017 (Heavy.com)

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