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19-10-17 (06:28)   Kurds Confirm Border Between Peshmerga, Iraqi Military Remains ? For Now (Breitbart.com)
19-10-17 (06:28)   Frank Gaffney: Abandoning Kurds in Iraq Is a 'Strategic Mistake of Epic Proportions' (Breitbart.com)
19-10-17 (03:02)   Iraq ousted ISIS, but 'Mosul can never be the same again' (CNN.com)
18-10-17 (21:45)   State Department: U.S. Not Supporting Iraq or Kurds in Ongoing Dispute (Breitbart.com)
18-10-17 (14:33)   Iraqi Kurds cast votes in historic referendum (CNN.com)
18-10-17 (14:18)   Vote may have put independence out of reach for Iraqi Kurds (Reuters)
18-10-17 (14:03)   Saudi airplane arrives in Baghdad for first time in 27 years: Iraq (Reuters)
18-10-17 (13:56)   Russian, Israeli leaders discuss Iran nuclear program, Syria, Iraq (Reuters)
18-10-17 (12:14)   Fleeing Iraqi Invasion, Thousands Flee Kirkuk into Kurdish Territory (Breitbart.com)
18-10-17 (10:25)   Iraqi forces take control of Kurdish-held areas in Mosul's Niveveh's province (Reuters)
18-10-17 (06:45)   Yazidis Caught Between Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi Army in Independence Dispute (Breitbart.com)
17-10-17 (22:45)   Pentagon 'Looking at All Options' in Iraq, Including Cutting Aid if Attack on Kurds Persists (Breitbart.com)
17-10-17 (22:14)   Trump Vows Not to 'Take Sides' as Kurdish and Iraqi Forces Clash in Kirkuk (Breitbart.com)
17-10-17 (22:14)   Zumwalt: The Chess Match with Iran in Iraqi Kurdistan Begins (Breitbart.com)
17-10-17 (14:02)   Iraqi forces take over Kirkuk from Kurdish control (CNN.com)
17-10-17 (13:22)   Kirkuk: Iraqi forces seize largest oilfields near city (BBC News)
17-10-17 (13:19)   US appeals for calm as allies clash in Iraq (CNN.com)
17-10-17 (10:54)   Iraq's Kurds continue retreat, pulling out of Sinjar without a fight while Shiite militias move in (Business Insider)
17-10-17 (10:25)   Iraqi forces take control of all oil fields operated by state-owned North Oil in Kirkuk (Reuters)
17-10-17 (09:03)   Iraqi forces take control of Bai Hasan, Avana oil fields after Kurdish pullout (Reuters)
17-10-17 (08:56)   Iraqi-backed Yazidi group takes over Sinjar after Kurdish pullout: residents (Reuters)
17-10-17 (07:39)   Turkey's military says two Turkish soldiers killed in blast in northern Iraq (Reuters)
17-10-17 (04:14)   Report: Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Soleimani Aiding Iraqi Invasion Against Kurds (Breitbart.com)
17-10-17 (01:54)   Iraqi forces seize oil city Kirkuk from Kurds (Business Insider)
16-10-17 (23:25)   Trump: The US is 'not taking sides' in Iraqi-Kurdish dispute (Business Insider)
16-10-17 (21:59)   John Bolton: Trump Silence on Iran-Dominated Baghdad Invasion of Kurdish Iraq 'a Tragedy' (Breitbart.com)
16-10-17 (20:48)   Why Israel supports an independent Iraqi Kurdistan (CNN.com)
16-10-17 (19:49)   Iraqi forces seize oil city Kirkuk from Kurds in bold advance (Reuters)
16-10-17 (17:49)   Two Turkish soldiers killed in northern Iraq: military statement (Reuters)
16-10-17 (17:03)   Turkey should close its air space to Northern Iraq, security council tells government (Reuters)
16-10-17 (16:18)   Iraqi forces seize Kirkuk from Kurds in bold advance (Reuters)
16-10-17 (15:18)   Iraq launches advance on Kurdish territory, seizes Kirkuk outskirts (Reuters)
16-10-17 (14:25)   Oil climbs as fighting escalates in Iraq's oil-rich Kirkuk (Business Insider)
16-10-17 (14:08)   Iraqi and Kurdish forces are starting to fight over oil fields and military positions (Business Insider)
16-10-17 (13:25)   Iraq forces seize Kirkuk outskirts in advance on Kurdish-held territory (Reuters)
16-10-17 (13:00)   Kirkuk: Iraqi forces capture key sites from Kurds (BBC News)
16-10-17 (10:54)   Iraqi forces launch 'major, multi-pronged' attack on Kurdish-held Kirkuk causing 'lots of casualties' (Business Insider)
16-10-17 (09:49)   Iraq says captures positions south of Kirkuk including airbase (Reuters)
16-10-17 (03:56)   Iraq says vast areas taken from Kurds in Kirkuk, Kurds deny gains (Reuters)
16-10-17 (01:32)   Iraqi forces take control of 'vast areas' in Kirkuk region: state TV (Reuters)
16-10-17 (00:25)   Iraqi forces start advancing toward Kurdish-held Kirkuk: Iraqi and Kurdish officials (Reuters)
15-10-17 (22:14)   'This Will Be like the Balkans': Kirkuk Governor Urges Trump to Prevent Iraqi Invasion (Breitbart.com)
15-10-17 (21:28)   Iraq on Brink of Civil War as Fight Between Kurdish and Iraqi Forces Looms (Breitbart.com)
15-10-17 (13:25)   Kurds block Iraqi forces access to Kirkuk's oil fields, airbase (Reuters)
15-10-17 (11:18)   Iran's Soleimani arrives in Kurdish region for talks about crisis with Baghdad (Reuters)
14-10-17 (15:53)   Iraq conflict: Kurdish Peshmerga 'given deadline' in Kirkuk (BBC News)
14-10-17 (00:39)   Iraq's Kurds beef up, move back defense line around oil-rich Kirkuk (Reuters)
13-10-17 (21:28)   Islamic State Jihadists Surrender in Iraq as Others in Syria Vow to Fight 'Till the End' (Breitbart.com)
13-10-17 (16:25)   Tens of thousands of Kurdish fighters pour into Iraq's Kirkuk ahead of possible fight with Iraqi military (Business Insider)
13-10-17 (11:39)   Kurdish VP : Thousands of troops sent to Kirkuk to face 'Iraqi threat' (Reuters)
13-10-17 (10:18)   Tens of thousands of Kurdish fighters deployed in Kirkuk to confront Iraqi 'threats' (Reuters)
13-10-17 (01:25)   A deadly weapon against US troops reappeared in Iraq (Business Insider)
12-10-17 (21:18)   Iraq refuses talks with Kurds unless they commit to unity (Reuters)
12-10-17 (20:03)   Iraqi govt says Kurds must back country's 'unity' before talks (Reuters)
12-10-17 (17:32)   A rare look inside the 'heart of society' for Iraq's Shi'ites (Reuters)
12-10-17 (11:18)   Kurds offer talks with Baghdad over airport, banks ban (Reuters)
11-10-17 (21:14)   Clarion: How Trump Failing Iraq's Kurds Is His Biggest Strategic Blunder (Breitbart.com)
11-10-17 (21:10)   Kurdistan region says Iraqi forces preparing major attack in oil-rich Kirkuk (Reuters)
11-10-17 (19:54)   Iraqi Kurdistan says government forces and militias 'preparing major attack' in Kirkuk region (Business Insider)
11-10-17 (18:49)   Kurdistan region says Iraqi forces 'preparing major attack' in Kirkuk region (Reuters)
10-10-17 (20:14)   Report: Islamic State Chooses to 'Surrender En Masse' to Iraqi Kurds over Martyrdom (Breitbart.com)
10-10-17 (18:56)   Hundreds of suspected Islamic State militants surrender in Iraq: source (Reuters)
10-10-17 (18:10)   Iraq PM Abadi expects Islamic State's complete defeat in Iraq this year (Reuters)
10-10-17 (15:10)   Russia accuses U.S. of pretending to fight Islamic State in Syria, Iraq (Reuters)
10-10-17 (02:33)   2 gay Iraqi soldiers found love amid war. Then the death threats started (CNN.com)
09-10-17 (22:02)   Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq - Special operations forces should not be America's Band-Aid (CNN.com)
09-10-17 (18:54)   Iraqi vice president warns of 'civil war' over Kurdish-held city if independence talks left unresolved (Business Insider)
09-10-17 (12:54)   ISIS fighters, once bent on martyrdom, surrender en masse from last Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
08-10-17 (18:09)   ISIS Fighters Are Surrendering 'En Masse' In Iraq (Daily Wire)
07-10-17 (12:14)   Iraq's Hawija: Where have IS fighters gone? (BBC News)
07-10-17 (00:45)   Lawyer for Iraqi Christians to Congress: UN Resettling Islamic State Families in Christian Town (Breitbart.com)
06-10-17 (17:58)   Going to Iraq Apparently Made Sam Smith Woke (Vulture)
06-10-17 (15:14)   Report: Iraqi Troops, Shiite Militias Defeat Islamic State in 'Last Stronghold' in Northern Iraq (Breitbart.com)
06-10-17 (13:56)   Turkey to close Iraq border, air space, will open new gate with Baghdad (Reuters)
06-10-17 (10:49)   Iraqi Kurdish leader Talabani's body flown back to home city Sulaimaniya for burial (Reuters)
05-10-17 (22:08)   'The kind of thing that happens ... in Iraq or Syria': An Air Force surgeon describes the response to Las Vegas shooting (Business Insider)
05-10-17 (20:19)   Iraqi forces claim new ISIS city center (CNN.com)
05-10-17 (16:49)   Erdogan says Turkey will close Iraq border and air space soon (Reuters)
05-10-17 (16:25)   Iraqi military recaptures ISIS' last stronghold in northern Iraq (Business Insider)
05-10-17 (15:54)   France's Macron says he'll help mediate between Kurds and Iraq after referendum (Business Insider)
05-10-17 (15:49)   Erdogan says Turkey will soon close Iraq border and air space (Reuters)
05-10-17 (15:14)   Former Rep. Frank Wolf: Christianity in Iraq Will 'End' Without 'Bold Action' (Breitbart.com)
05-10-17 (14:10)   Saudi king tells Putin Iraqi territorial integrity must be preserved (Reuters)
05-10-17 (13:32)   France offers to mediate between Baghdad and Kurds (Reuters)
05-10-17 (12:49)   Islamic State's last stronghold in northern Iraq falls (Reuters)
05-10-17 (11:56)   Iraqi military captures Hawija from Islamic State (Reuters)
05-10-17 (09:29)   IS conflict: Iraqi army 'recaptures central Hawija' (BBC News)
04-10-17 (21:43)   Iraqi forces storm IS-held town of Hawija (BBC News)
04-10-17 (16:08)   How informers and spies helped drive ISIS out of its last Iraqi stronghold (Business Insider)
04-10-17 (15:18)   Iran says Tehran, Ankara to confront disintegration of Iraq, Syria: TV (Reuters)
04-10-17 (15:10)   Iraqi forces in final assault to take Hawija from Islamic State (Reuters)
04-10-17 (14:19)   Iraq's first non-Arab president dies (CNN.com)
03-10-17 (19:32)   Kurdish rebel leader Talabani sought Iraqi unity as president (Reuters)
03-10-17 (16:49)   Kurdish leader and ex-Iraqi president Jalal Talabani dies: state TV (Reuters)
03-10-17 (15:49)   Kurdish leader and former Iraqi president Talabani's dies: state TV (Reuters)
03-10-17 (15:10)   U.N. says 78,000 civilians could be trapped in Iraq's Hawija (Reuters)
03-10-17 (13:25)   Iraq's Kurdistan region plans presidential, parliamentary votes on Nov. 1 (Reuters)
02-10-17 (21:02)   US service member killed in Iraq (CNN.com)
02-10-17 (19:49)   Iran sends tanks to border with Iraq's Kurdish region, Kurdish official says (Reuters)
02-10-17 (19:33)   Iraq Fast Facts (CNN.com)
02-10-17 (17:25)   Iraqi forces seize air base from Islamic state near Hawija (Reuters)
02-10-17 (17:25)   A US-led coalition service member killed in an explosion in Iraq (Business Insider)
02-10-17 (17:03)   U.S. service member killed in Iraq IED blast: Pentagon (Reuters)
02-10-17 (16:54)   Iran has reportedly sent tanks to its border with Iraq's Kurdish region (Business Insider)
02-10-17 (15:56)   U.S.-led coalition service member killed in Iraq: statement (Reuters)
02-10-17 (14:25)   Islamic State torches oil wells in northern Iraq: officials (Reuters)
02-10-17 (14:10)   Iran deploys tanks at border with Iraq's Kurdish region: Kurdish official (Reuters)
02-10-17 (14:02)   Tillerson: Iraqi Kurdish referendum 'illegitimate' (CNN.com)
01-10-17 (21:28)   Erdogan Claims Mossad Played a Role in Iraqi Kurdistan's Independence Vote (Breitbart.com)
01-10-17 (05:33)   In Iraqi Kurdistan, hope tainted by disappointment over European response (Politico.eu)
30-09-17 (18:49)   Turkey's Erdogan says Iraqi Kurdish authorities "will pay price" for vote (Reuters)
30-09-17 (14:03)   Iranian, Iraqi government forces to hold joint border drills - Iran TV (Reuters)
30-09-17 (10:56)   Macron's invitation to visit France not related to Kurdish referendum - Iraqi PM (Reuters)
30-09-17 (02:25)   'Cautious' State Department asks Iran, Iraq to avoid 'violence' with a key US ally (Business Insider)
29-09-17 (20:25)   U.S.-led forces acknowledge killing 50 more civilians in Iraq, Syria (Reuters)
29-09-17 (17:25)   Last flight departs as Iraq imposes ban for Kurdish independence vote (Reuters)
29-09-17 (14:02)   Baghdad suspends all flights to Kurdistan (CNN.com)
29-09-17 (14:02)   After defying ISIS, Kurds have little to fear from Baghdad (CNN.com)
29-09-17 (01:28)   U.S.-Backed Iraq 'to Coordinate Military Efforts' with Terror Sponsor Iran (Breitbart.com)
28-09-17 (23:39)   Here's how the US-led coalition decides when and where to hit ISIS targets in Iraq (Business Insider)
28-09-17 (21:14)   Bolton: U.S. Should Support Independence for Kurds, 'State of Iraq as We Have Known It Doesn't Exist Anymore' (Breitbart.com)
28-09-17 (16:56)   Iraqi Shi'ite militias accused of rights abuses in Hawija operation (Reuters)
28-09-17 (15:18)   Turkey raises oil threat after Iraqi Kurds back independence (Reuters)
28-09-17 (11:49)   Turkey to give harshest response if border threatened after Iraq referendum: PM (Reuters)
28-09-17 (08:56)   Iraqi PM's office says Turkey agrees to deal only with Baghdad on oil exports (Reuters)
28-09-17 (04:32)   Baghdad piles pressure on Iraqi Kurds to reverse overwhelming independence vote (Reuters)
28-09-17 (04:25)   What's next after Kurdistan's overwhelming vote for independence from Iraq (Business Insider)
27-09-17 (22:45)   Iraq Demands Control of Kurdish Airports, Oil Revenues Following Independence Vote (Breitbart.com)
27-09-17 (21:45)   World View: Israel May Be the Only Country Recognizing the Iraq Kurdistan Referendum (Breitbart.com)
27-09-17 (20:49)   Turkey says air force kills 13 in north Iraq air strike (Reuters)
27-09-17 (18:08)   Iraq sends delegation to Iran 'to coordinate military efforts' after Kurdish independence vote (Business Insider)
27-09-17 (18:00)   Iraqi Kurds decisively back independence in referendum (BBC News)
27-09-17 (16:10)   Turkish nationalist leader says thousands ready to fight for Iraq Turkmen (Reuters)
27-09-17 (15:18)   Iraq sends delegation to Iran 'to coordinate military efforts' (Reuters)
27-09-17 (13:25)   U.N. appalled at mass hangings in Iraq, concerned more may follow (Reuters)
27-09-17 (09:56)   Islamic State attacks Iraqi forces west of Baghdad, killing at least 7, security sources say (Reuters)
27-09-17 (03:56)   Iraqi Kurdish leader says 'yes' vote won independence referendum (Reuters)
26-09-17 (21:54)   Iraqi forces are going after the last ISIS holdouts in Iraq ? here's what they're up against (Business Insider)
26-09-17 (20:25)   Iraqi Kurds claim victory in independence vote (Business Insider)
26-09-17 (17:42)   An ancient lost city in Iraq is found using old spy-footage and drones (Mashable)
26-09-17 (15:29)   Iraqi Kurds must give up on independence or go hungry - Erdogan (BBC News)
26-09-17 (11:56)   Iraqi soldiers join Turkish exercises near shared border: witness (Reuters)
26-09-17 (01:43)   Iraqi Kurdistan referendum: High turnout in independence vote (BBC News)
25-09-17 (18:10)   Turnout high as Iraqi Kurds defy threats to hold independence vote (Reuters)
25-09-17 (16:18)   Iraqi Kurds shrug off threats to hold independence vote (Reuters)
25-09-17 (14:56)   Iraq hangs 42 Sunni militants convicted of terrorism (Reuters)
25-09-17 (14:45)   Iraq Combat Veteran Rescues Woman from Burning Car Before It Explodes (Breitbart.com)
25-09-17 (08:25)   Iraqi Kurds vote in historic independence referendum, shrugging off threats (Reuters)
24-09-17 (17:03)   Kurds stick with independence vote, 'never going back to Baghdad': Barzani (Reuters)
24-09-17 (13:03)   Kurdish city gassed by Saddam hopes referendum heralds better days (Reuters)
24-09-17 (12:49)   Iran launches war games near Iraqi Kurdistan border (Reuters)
23-09-17 (22:39)   Iraq asks U.N. for help to build new nuclear power reactor (Reuters)
23-09-17 (21:18)   Kurdish government holds meetings in Baghdad on eve of independence vote (Reuters)
23-09-17 (20:25)   One French soldier killed in Iraq-Syria area: French Presidency (Reuters)
23-09-17 (20:18)   Turkey extends troop deployment mandate, pressures Iraqi Kurds on vote (Reuters)
23-09-17 (19:49)   Turkey plans security steps over Iraqi Kurdish referendum (Reuters)
23-09-17 (18:49)   Kurdish government meets Baghdad officials on eve of independence vote (Reuters)
22-09-17 (15:25)   Kurds will vote for independence on Monday, setting up a possible showdown with Iraq and Turkey (Business Insider)
22-09-17 (01:39)   Why you should pay attention to what the Iraq oil minister is saying (Business Insider)
21-09-17 (18:49)   Turkey, Iran, Iraq consider counter-measures over Kurdish referendum (Reuters)
21-09-17 (17:32)   U.N. team to collect evidence of Islamic State crimes in Iraq (Reuters)
21-09-17 (15:54)   State Department says it 'strongly opposes' independence for Iraqi Kurds (Business Insider)
21-09-17 (12:49)   Turkey, Iran, Iraq consider counter-measures over Kurdish referendum: Anadolu (Reuters)
21-09-17 (08:39)   Paul Manafort hired to help promote Kurdish independence vote in Iraq that the US opposes (Business Insider)
21-09-17 (07:10)   Iraq launches offensive on Hawija, an Islamic State-held region near oil city Kirkuk (Reuters)
21-09-17 (00:25)   U.S. 'strongly opposes' Iraqi Kurdish independence vote: State Department (Reuters)
20-09-17 (22:07)   The RAF has killed more than 3,000 IS fighters in Iraq and Syria (BBC News)
20-09-17 (15:59)   German 'Jihadi Bride' Linda Wenzel Could Face Death Penalty in Iraq (Breitbart.com)
20-09-17 (14:25)   Russia becomes Iraq Kurds' top funder, quiet about independence vote (Reuters)
19-09-17 (18:39)   Turkish warplanes kill three Kurdish militants in northern Iraq: army (Reuters)
19-09-17 (17:56)   Turkey not in direct talks for return of intelligence officers from Iraq: minister (Reuters)
19-09-17 (16:39)   Police deploy in Iraqi oil city as tensions rise before Kurdish independence vote (Reuters)
19-09-17 (14:19)   Iraq top court orders suspension of Kurdish referendum (CNN.com)
19-09-17 (12:49)   Turkish tanks trained on northern Iraq in show of force ahead of vote (Reuters)
19-09-17 (04:39)   Police deploy in Iraqi oil city Kirkuk after deadly clash (Reuters)
18-09-17 (16:56)   Turkish tanks drill on Iraqi border week before Kurdish vote (Reuters)
18-09-17 (16:54)   Iraq's top court suspended the Kurdish region's independence vote (Business Insider)
18-09-17 (13:03)   Iraqi PM Abadi formally demands suspension of Kurdistan independence vote (Reuters)
18-09-17 (12:03)   Turkey holds military drill on Iraqi border before Kurdish vote: army (Reuters)
18-09-17 (06:18)   U.N. chief: Northern Iraq vote would detract from Islamic State fight (Reuters)
18-09-17 (03:36)   What is at stake in Iraqi Kurdish vote for independence? (BBC News)
17-09-17 (20:03)   Turkey's Erdogan, Iraq's Abadi to discuss Iraqi Kurdish referendum (Reuters)
17-09-17 (19:39)   Aid officials 'gravely concerned' over fate of relocated Islamic State families in Iraq (Reuters)
17-09-17 (19:03)   Aid officials 'gravely concerned' over fate of relocated IS families in Iraq (Reuters)
17-09-17 (10:56)   Turkey's Erdogan to discuss northern Iraq vote with Iraqi PM (Reuters)
17-09-17 (04:25)   Turkey says northern Iraqi referendum an issue of national security (Reuters)
16-09-17 (20:18)   Car bomb kills one, wounds 10 in disputed Iraqi oil city (Reuters)
16-09-17 (19:56)   Iraqi PM says Kurds 'playing with fire' with independence vote: report (Reuters)
16-09-17 (16:10)   Pro-Damascus alliance declares Syria offensive near Iraq border (Reuters)
16-09-17 (16:03)   Iraqi forces attack Islamic State in Syria border area (Reuters)
16-09-17 (09:47)   US demands Iraqi Kurds cancel vote on independence (Politico.eu)
15-09-17 (20:18)   Iraq's Kurdish parliament backs Sept 25 independence referendum (Reuters)
15-09-17 (18:32)   Iraqi Kurd parliament reconvenes to vote on independence referendum (Reuters)
15-09-17 (03:18)   Suicide attacks on restaurants, checkpoint, kill 60 in southern Iraq (Reuters)
14-09-17 (22:33)   ISIS claims responsibility for dual attack in Iraq (CNN.com)
14-09-17 (21:22)   Iraq: At least 60 die in twin attacks near Nasiriya (BBC News)
14-09-17 (20:39)   Western powers press Iraq Kurd leaders to shelve 'very risky' independence vote (Reuters)
14-09-17 (17:10)   Iraq MPs votes to oust Kirkuk governor days before referendum (Reuters)
14-09-17 (13:56)   Iraqi parliament votes to remove Kirkuk governor from office (Reuters)
14-09-17 (13:03)   Iraqi Kurdish referendum 'historic mistake': Turkey (Reuters)
13-09-17 (21:18)   Kurds will find it hard to implement independence, says Iraqi foreign minister (Reuters)
13-09-17 (15:02)   In a first, Iraq's criminal court sentences foreign fighter to death (CNN.com)
13-09-17 (06:18)   Barzani vows to press on with Kurdish referendum, defying Iraq parliament (Reuters)
12-09-17 (19:32)   Iraqi parliament rejects Kurdish independence vote (Reuters)
12-09-17 (15:10)   Iraqi parliament rejects Kurdish referendum (Reuters)
12-09-17 (13:49)   Russian Islamic State fighter sentenced to hang in Iraq (Reuters)
12-09-17 (12:32)   Iraqi parliament rejects Iraqi Kurdish referendum: lawmakers (Reuters)
12-09-17 (12:03)   Iraqi parliament rejects Iraqi Kurdish referendum: lawmaker (Reuters)
11-09-17 (13:49)   Tribal clashes, political void threaten oil installations in Iraq's south (Reuters)
11-09-17 (04:10)   Exclusive: Iraq holding 1,400 foreign wives, children of suspected Islamic State fighters (Reuters)
10-09-17 (23:56)   Exclusive: Iraq holding 1,400 foreign wives, children of suspected ISIS fighters (Reuters)
09-09-17 (17:45)   Iraqi on Trial for Child Rape, Assault, 'Used Shop to Seduce Young Girls' (Breitbart.com)
06-09-17 (20:54)   Iraqi student pilot killed in F-16 crash in Arizona desert (Business Insider)
06-09-17 (19:43)   George Clooney Says He Is Housing an Iraqi Refugee Attacked by ISIS (TheWrap.com)
06-09-17 (18:25)   Iraqi military student pilot dies in F-16 crash in Arizona (Reuters)
05-09-17 (23:37)   Poppies of Iraq Shares Reality of Growing Up in an Oppressive Regime (CBR.com)
05-09-17 (23:29)   Poppies of Iraq Shares Reality of Growing Up in an Oppressive Regime (Comic Book Resources)
04-09-17 (18:45)   Iraqi Asylum Seeker Arrested for Attempted Rape in Alpine Resort Town (Breitbart.com)
04-09-17 (13:48)   Iraq: Tal Afar 'liberated' from ISIS (CNN.com)
02-09-17 (20:39)   Suicide bombers attack power station north of Baghdad, killing seven: police (Reuters)
02-09-17 (13:22)   Inside the Iraqi courts sentencing IS suspects to death (BBC News)
01-09-17 (14:03)   U.S.-led forces acknowledge killing 61 more civilians in Iraq, Syria (Reuters)
01-09-17 (03:14)   Erdogan Signals Expansion of Turkish Operations in Syria, Iraq: 'All Options' on the Table (Breitbart.com)
31-08-17 (22:03)   Iraqi prime minister declares victory over IS in Tal Afar (Reuters)
31-08-17 (17:45)   An Anti-American Sniper Film Called Iraqi Sniper Will Tell The Other Side Of The Story (Cinemabled)
31-08-17 (15:39)   Iraq's Prime Minister says Tal Afar is 'fully liberated' from ISIS (Business Insider)
30-08-17 (21:39)   Iraqi forces begin house-by-house fight for last IS holdout at Tal Afar (Reuters)
30-08-17 (19:56)   American Sniper-Inspired Iraqi Sniper Film is Moving Forward (Screen Rant)
30-08-17 (18:09)   'Iraqi Sniper': Egyptian Director Developing Anti-'American Sniper' Film (Daily Wire)
30-08-17 (17:16)   A New 'Iraqi Sniper' Movie Aims to Be Anti-War Response to 'American Sniper' (ScreenCrush)
30-08-17 (09:56)   Iraq, Jordan say border crossing to reopen on Wednesday (Reuters)
30-08-17 (04:49)   'Gates of Hell': Iraqi army says fighting near Tal Afar worse than Mosul (Reuters)
29-08-17 (21:25)   Jordan border crossing with Iraq to reopen in major boost to ties (Reuters)
29-08-17 (18:56)   Iraq's Kirkuk province to vote in Kurdish independence referendum (Reuters)
29-08-17 (17:03)   U.S., Iraq blacklist Islamic State finance official: U.S. Treasury (Reuters)
29-08-17 (15:39)   Macron says fighting terror, stabilizing Iraq and Syria is 'a vital priority for France' (Business Insider)
28-08-17 (19:56)   Iraqi forces face tough resistance from IS in final Tal Afar battle (Reuters)
28-08-17 (16:48)   Iraqi military retakes center of city from ISIS (CNN.com)
28-08-17 (16:48)   US Defense Secretary travels to Iraq (CNN.com)
28-08-17 (15:56)   Car bomb kills eight at Baghdad market: medics (Reuters)
27-08-17 (12:18)   Iraqi forces retake most of Tal Afar from Islamic State: military (Reuters)
26-08-17 (17:03)   France pledges support to stabilize post-Islamic State Iraq (Reuters)
26-08-17 (16:33)   Iraqi military: Most of Tal Afar seized from ISIS (CNN.com)
25-08-17 (17:56)   Iraqi forces say they have broken through Islamic State lines in Tal Afar (Reuters)
25-08-17 (02:14)   Iraq war: Why the battle for Tal Afar matters (BBC News)
24-08-17 (20:00)   Girl who fled Iraq 'never imagined' getting nine GCSEs (BBC News)
24-08-17 (17:56)   Iraqi forces make fresh gains in Tal Afar offensive (Reuters)
24-08-17 (13:10)   Turkish nationalist leader says Iraqi Kurdish referendum a potential reason for war (Reuters)
23-08-17 (22:10)   Turkey says it conveyed concerns about Iraqi Kurdish referendum to Erbil (Reuters)
23-08-17 (21:10)   Iraqi forces make gains in Islamic State stronghold of Tal Afar (Reuters)
23-08-17 (14:28)   Mattis in Baghdad: Islamic State Terrorists Are 'On the Run' (Breitbart.com)
22-08-17 (16:39)   Troops make progress in Tal Afar battle as U.S. defense secretary visits Iraq (Reuters)
22-08-17 (15:39)   Iraqi troops reached the first urban areas of Tal Afar, one of ISIS' last pieces of Iraqi territory (Business Insider)
22-08-17 (09:49)   Iraq must ensure Islamic State's victims of sexual violence see justice: U.N. (Reuters)
21-08-17 (15:10)   Iraqi forces must rescue many abducted Yazidis from Tal Afar: Yazidi MP (Reuters)
20-08-17 (13:39)   Iraq starts offensive to take back Tal Afar from Islamic State (Reuters)
20-08-17 (13:10)   Iraq's Kurds might put off independence vote in return for concessions from Baghdad: official (Reuters)
20-08-17 (04:14)   IS conflict: Iraq launches ground offensive in Tal Afar (BBC News)
20-08-17 (01:18)   Iraqi ship sinks after collision, at least four sailors dead: state TV (Reuters)
19-08-17 (02:14)   Baghdad's Little Manchester (BBC News)
18-08-17 (16:56)   Iraqi forces prepare to retake Tal Afar from Islamic State militants (Reuters)
18-08-17 (15:25)   US troops will help clear Iraqi cities of explosives left by ISIS ? and it could take decades (Business Insider)
17-08-17 (19:39)   Iraq acknowledges soldiers abused civilians and tortured ISIS militants in Mosul (Business Insider)
17-08-17 (18:56)   Iraq acknowledges abuses committed against civilians in Mosul campaign (Reuters)
16-08-17 (20:49)   Iraq seeks international help to investigate Islamic State crimes (Reuters)
16-08-17 (15:49)   With a wary eye on Iran, Saudi and Iraqi leaders draw closer (Reuters)
16-08-17 (12:03)   Turkey says Kurdish Iraq's referendum could worsen situation, lead to civil war (Reuters)
16-08-17 (03:59)   Christian Leaders Welcome Support from Trump, Congress to Rebuild Homeland in Iraq (Breitbart.com)
16-08-17 (01:23)   PragerU Video: How Iraq Was Won And Lost (Daily Wire)
15-08-17 (19:25)   Thousands flee as Iraq steps up airstrikes on IS-held town (Business Insider)
15-08-17 (18:56)   Iraqi Kurdish independence referendum will fuel instability, Turkey says (Reuters)
15-08-17 (18:03)   Iraq minister faces questions over trade corruption allegations (Reuters)
15-08-17 (15:39)   Iraqi forces begin bombing Tal Afar, the ISIS-held city 50 miles west of Mosul (Business Insider)
15-08-17 (14:56)   Iraq oil city governor quits, travels to Iran after corruption investigation (Reuters)
15-08-17 (14:39)   Saudi Arabia to reopen border with Iraq for the first time in 27 years (Business Insider)
15-08-17 (14:19)   Iraq sentences 27 to death over massacre (CNN.com)
15-08-17 (13:25)   Saudi Arabia and Iraq to re-open border crossing after 27 years (Reuters)
15-08-17 (12:03)   Iraq bombing Islamic State-held Tal Afar ahead of assault: Iraqi military spokesman (Reuters)
15-08-17 (03:59)   Two U.S. Troops Dead, Five Injured During 'Combat Operations' in Iraq (Breitbart.com)
14-08-17 (22:25)   Two US soldiers killed in 'mishap' while firing artillery at ISIS in Iraq (Business Insider)
14-08-17 (14:02)   Two US service members killed in Iraq (CNN.com)
13-08-17 (20:14)   Romanian Coastguard Intercepts Iraq Migrant Boat in Black Sea (Breitbart.com)
13-08-17 (19:02)   How Iraq's football team united a warring nation (CNN.com)
13-08-17 (16:59)   'It's Now or Never': Iraqi Christians Fill Pews in Burned Down Churches After Islamic State (Breitbart.com)
13-08-17 (16:56)   Iraqi Shi'ite leader visits UAE, strengthening ties with Sunni states (Reuters)
12-08-17 (13:32)   Iraq's Kurds stick to independence vote despite U.S. request to postpone it (Reuters)
12-08-17 (11:56)   Iraq's Kurds maintain Sept. 25 as date for independence referendum, Kurdish official says (Reuters)
11-08-17 (18:15)   Gilas Pilipinas Defeats Iraq to Earn 2nd-Straight Win in 2017 FIBA Asia Cup (Bleacher Report)
10-08-17 (13:46)   Gilas Pilipinas vs. Iraq: Time, Live Stream for 2017 FIBA Asia Cup (Bleacher Report)
09-08-17 (17:18)   Long wait for captive Yazidis' return spent rebuilding shrine in Iraq's Bashiqa (Reuters)
08-08-17 (17:49)   U.S. denies bombing Iraqi Shi'ite militia near Syrian border (Reuters)
04-08-17 (22:28)   Kurdish PM: Kurds Have 'Completely Lost Hope' in Iraq (Breitbart.com)
04-08-17 (14:49)   In the ruins of an Iraqi city, memories of Agatha Christie (Reuters)
03-08-17 (22:56)   Iraq parliament delays questioning minister over graft charges (Reuters)
03-08-17 (19:47)   Samantha Bee Discovers Many Iraqi Kurds Love Donald Trump (Hollywood Reporter)
02-08-17 (23:10)   French national detained in Turkey after crossing from Iraq: agency (Reuters)
02-08-17 (16:18)   Embassy, mosque attacks fuel fears ISIS bringing Iraq war to Afghanistan (Reuters)
02-08-17 (14:45)   Iraq's Only Yazidi MP: International Criminal Court Must Probe Islamic State Genocide (Breitbart.com)
01-08-17 (17:08)   ISIS' Khorasan 'province' assaulted Iraq's embassy in Kabul (Business Insider)
31-07-17 (20:32)   Iraqi general sees easy victory over exhausted IS fighters in Tal Afar (Reuters)
31-07-17 (17:49)   Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on Iraqi embassy in Kabul (Reuters)
31-07-17 (17:08)   US-backed forces are about to invade an Iraqi city where ISIS is 'worn out and demoralized' (Business Insider)
31-07-17 (14:18)   Attempt to prosecute Blair over Iraq fails in London High Court (Reuters)
31-07-17 (14:08)   ISIS claims responsabilty for deadly attack on Iraqi Embassy in Afghanistan (Business Insider)
31-07-17 (11:53)   Iraq War: Bid to prosecute Tony Blair rejected by High Court (BBC News)
30-07-17 (21:49)   Iraqi Shi'ite leader Sadr makes rare visit to Saudi Arabia (Reuters)
30-07-17 (18:28)   Four German Women Arrested In Iraq Worked As 'Morality Police' For Islamic State (Breitbart.com)
30-07-17 (13:03)   Lost children are legacy of battle for Iraq's Mosul (Reuters)
29-07-17 (01:03)   Senior Iraqi Kurd seeks to allay concerns on independence bid (Reuters)
28-07-17 (17:54)   Tillerson is now calling ISIS slaughter of Iraqi religious minorities 'genocide' (Business Insider)
28-07-17 (15:54)   Trump is looking for dirt on Iran, and it looks like the run up to the Iraq war (Business Insider)
28-07-17 (14:54)   Iraqi officials say 7,000 ISIS fighters and supporters remain in Iraq (Business Insider)
28-07-17 (03:36)   From Baghdad to the bar: A blind refugee's journey (BBC News)
27-07-17 (15:39)   Watchdog group says US-trained Iraqi army unit committed war crimes in Mosul (Business Insider)
27-07-17 (13:56)   U.S.-trained Iraqi army unit committed war crimes in Mosul: HRW (Reuters)
26-07-17 (14:39)   ISIS is using booby-traps to preserve the chaos as its 'caliphate' shrinks in Iraq (Business Insider)
26-07-17 (14:02)   Schoolgirl 'who joined ISIS' found in Iraq (CNN.com)
26-07-17 (13:18)   Booby-traps plague north Iraq as Islamic State targets returning civilians (Reuters)
26-07-17 (02:25)   Two more German women identified among group held in Iraq: source (Reuters)
25-07-17 (19:32)   Russia's Putin, Iraqi VP discuss tanks supply deal (Reuters)
25-07-17 (04:10)   U.S. judge halts deportation of more than 1,400 Iraqi nationals (Reuters)
24-07-17 (15:40)   Russia Hysteria: Only Trump Has Learned the Terrible Lesson of the Iraq WMD Debacle (Daily Wire)
24-07-17 (13:49)   Two German women held in Iraq; Germany checking IDs of two more (Reuters)
23-07-17 (23:25)   Iraqi morgue workers struggle to cope with 'river of blood' created by battle for Mosul (Business Insider)
23-07-17 (17:45)   German Runaway Girl Who Converted to Islam Found in Iraq (Breitbart.com)
23-07-17 (15:10)   Iran and Iraq sign accord to boost military cooperation (Reuters)
22-07-17 (16:39)   Four German women who joined Islamic State detained in Iraq: report (Reuters)
22-07-17 (10:25)   Iraqi bridge is sole link for Mosul residents rebuilding lives (Reuters)
21-07-17 (21:49)   Many foreign fighters likely to stay in Syria, Iraq: U.S. official (Reuters)
21-07-17 (16:18)   Iranian troops clash with 'terrorists' on border with Iraq: statement (Reuters)
20-07-17 (18:54)   Iraqi officer admits to executing multiple ISIS fighters in Mosul and vows a 'slow death' for his family's killers (Business Insider)
20-07-17 (18:53)   Margaret Thatcher suggested threatening Saddam with chemical weapons (BBC News)
20-07-17 (14:46)   Gilas Pilipinas Beat Iraq, Trail Canada for 1st Place in 2017 William Jones Cup (Bleacher Report)
19-07-17 (19:39)   Merkel urges Iraq to probe alleged human rights abuses in Mosul (Reuters)
19-07-17 (19:15)   Gilas Pilipinas vs. Iraq: Time, Live Stream for 2017 William Jones Cup (Bleacher Report)
17-07-17 (13:32)   As Islamic State militants routed in Iraq, their families fear reprisals (Reuters)
17-07-17 (10:33)   How ISIS changed Iraqi schools (CNN.com)
17-07-17 (03:59)   Iraqi Official Shrugs Off Abuse Claims Against Islamic State in Mosul: 'This Is War' (Breitbart.com)
15-07-17 (01:08)   Iraqi police paraded ISIS' favorite weapon around after recapturing Mosul (Business Insider)
14-07-17 (14:14)   Why are Iraqi Christians facing deportation from US? (BBC News)
14-07-17 (13:39)   Iraqi police parade car bombs seized from Islamic State (Reuters)
14-07-17 (12:03)   Iraq faces pockets of Islamic State resistance in Mosul's Old City (Reuters)
13-07-17 (23:25)   This 64-year-old Iraqi man trained tens of thousands of soldiers serving in the US military. Now he's facing deportation (Business Insider)
13-07-17 (20:09)   Heroic Iraqi Fighter Goes Undercover Behind ISIS Lines, Shoots Six, Gets Vital Info (Daily Wire)
13-07-17 (19:10)   U.S. pledges extra $119 million for Iraq humanitarian aid (Reuters)
13-07-17 (15:25)   Iraq is accused of collective punishment against the families of ISIS fighters (Business Insider)
13-07-17 (03:59)   Germany Expecting up to 300,000 More Syrian, Iraqi Migrants in 2017 Through Family Reunification Rules (Breitbart.com)
12-07-17 (12:03)   Iraq strikes Islamic State in Mosul days after declaring victory (Reuters)
12-07-17 (01:25)   U.S. judge halts deportation of Iraqi immigrants (Reuters)
11-07-17 (21:59)   Iraq: PM Visits Mosul to Celebrate Liberation from Islamic State (Breitbart.com)

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